Tool January 2016 Newsletter

Blair has released the first Tool Newsletter of 2016, and in it makes a prediction that we might see some more action from Tool this year (and not in the touring sense): As I’m sure some of you are aware, it’s now 2016 era vulgaris (or, if your pseudo-Latin is a bit rusty, 2016 in the common era), and as such, it’s a fair bet that at least a few… Read More »Tool January 2016 Newsletter

Tool December 2015 Newsletter released

Blair has posted the Tool December 2015 Newsletter today, no doubt filling your hearts with much Xmas cheer, or humbugs depending on your life view. It doesn’t appear to contain much Tool news, but I’ll leave this part with you: Oh, I almost forgot the encrypted holiday message: aaAaavvllll(rrrrrgeeeeeeeeeennndddoooocctttwiihhh)uussd.dj5yybmb And don’t think it says: “All evergreen decorations (wreaths included) should be removed by January 5th.” Speaking of Xmas – don’t… Read More »Tool December 2015 Newsletter released

Tool October 2015 Newsletter

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Blair has published the Tool October 2015 Newsletter, and for those of you who’s heart rate skyrockets at the mere thought of dense prose with little relevance to Tool, I suggest you steer clear. Here’s the bits Tool fans might actually find interesting: Q: “BMB, What’s going on here? Tool is charging $500 for a meet and greet (with the option to pay even more money for merch)? Since when… Read More »Tool October 2015 Newsletter

Fourtheye Interview with Blair Mackenzie Blake

Fourtheye is back from it’s slightly longer than expected downtime, and I now present to you the interview with Blair MacKenzie Blair, who most you know as the web content manager of Toolband. Last week I collected a range of questions from the blog, the forum and even from Reddit. There was great response, with over 70 questions being posed. From that list I picked the most interesting of them,… Read More »Fourtheye Interview with Blair Mackenzie Blake

Tool September 2015 Newsletter

Wasting no time after the Tool August 2015 Newsletter, it appears that the Tool September 2015 Newsletter is now upon us. It falls into the cryptic newsletter category, and hints that there will most likely be some form of announcement later in September. As to what, it’s anyone’s guess. New tour dates (possibly Australian)? Details of the new album? A curveball? More blankets? Read the newsletter below with calendar in… Read More »Tool September 2015 Newsletter

Ask Blair stuff!

Update: Thanks all for the responses. I have a huge list of questions for Blair that I will sort through over the next couple of days, and then send to him. Thanks for everyone’s input! I was speaking with Blair today via email, and asked him if he’d be interested in answering some questions from Fourtheye readers. The answer was yes! So here’s what we’ll do – you guys will… Read More »Ask Blair stuff!

Tool August 2015 Newsletter

Blair has posted the Tool August 2015 Newsletter this morning, and this time around it’s an interview with Tool video designer Breckinridge ‘Breck’ Haggerty. Here’s an excerpt: BMB: What is the usual process of putting together the video clips and such for a Tool show or tour? The starting point and finishing touches? How much of the material used in the projections do you create, and do you get input… Read More »Tool August 2015 Newsletter

June newsletter updated to include “The Deal”?

Yodhehvauheh_ pointed out in the comments section of the page that the 2015 Tool June Newsletter has been updated finally. Part of it we already know, in that Puscifer are playing at the Monster Mash Festival in Arizona. The other part is something a little more cryptic. From the June Newsletter: THE DEAL What should be of interest is the deal… I guess we’ll find out soon enough. PUSCIFER ADDED… Read More »June newsletter updated to include “The Deal”?

Tool July 2015 Newsletter

Blair has published the Tool July 2015 Newsletter on Toolband this morning, and this time around it addresses Pluto, interviewing parking bollards, and hints at some further work being done on the new Tool album. It also gives Fourtheye a few plugs! Okay, by now some of you might be thinking, “fuck this expansive mind-stuff! I’m going to go to the fourtheye site to see if there’s any real news?”… Read More »Tool July 2015 Newsletter

Tool May 2015 Newsletter

Blair has posted the May 2015 Tool Newsletter for your reading pleasure. It’s one that is unlikely to win many fans amongst Blair’s critics, however may drop a few cryptic hints as to what Tool are up to these days. The most interesting part I got from it was: How about the rumors of the band playing some festival date, where they can finally unveil Junior’s drone-suspended lightning configuration? No…… Read More »Tool May 2015 Newsletter