Bob Ludwig

Update: Mastering confirmed

Following up from yesterdays rumour of Tool entering the mastering phase, a few more bits of info have come to light to put this much closer to the “confirmed” category. Firstly, electronic artist Of The Trees has tweeted some further detail on his meeting with Tool: I imagine it was a chance encounter with the band at the airport or some other venue, rather than a planned thing. Secondly, Adam… Read More »Update: Mastering confirmed

Adam’s strings, Maynard Puscifer update and more!

As usual a bunch of things happened while I was away for a few days, so this post is a catch up of sorts. Firstly, Adam posted a video of himself playing around with what is believed to be a Tremoloa in Joe Barresi‘s studio: ~Playing strange strings at Joe B.'s #EvilJoe #CaptainMidnight A video posted by Adam Jones (@adamjones_tv) on May 1, 2015 at 2:38am PDT As yet there’s… Read More »Adam’s strings, Maynard Puscifer update and more!

Joe Barresi and Bob Ludwig on 10,000 Days

Blair posts on Toolband/Army today that there’s an interview with Joe Barresi and Bob Ludwig about the recording of 10,000 Days.  Certainly one that I missed, and a very interesting read as well. Check it out here. Tool is a dynamic band: intricate and intense, brutal and subtle. Each album is an aural adventure full of high-caliber musicianship, sick humor and sonic surprises. They create hard-edged, surreal portraits with driving… Read More »Joe Barresi and Bob Ludwig on 10,000 Days