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Trademark Nerd summarise Tool’s legal plight

It was reported several months ago that Tool were facing a legal battle related with Cam De Leon‘s work with the band, and the insurance associated with that legal action. Legal documents were found, and discussed both here and other forums online. For some the legalese used was a little overwhelming and it wasn’t necessarily clear what was actually going on. Trademark Nerd have created for us a summary of… Read More »Trademark Nerd summarise Tool’s legal plight

“Toolarmy need your help” Clarification

I received an email from Alan Jones last night (Adam’s brother and Tool’s attorney) who confirmed that yesterdays request for Tool  advertising material is 100% legitimate.  He mentioned that it is for a legal problem regarding litigation with the insurance industry as a fallout of the case against Cam De Leon. Edit: Alan wanted to let you all know that this is definitely no reflection on Cam.  Tool have buried… Read More »“Toolarmy need your help” Clarification interviews Cam De Leon

Christophe from conducted an interview with Tool associated artist Cam De Leon recently, and is now available on his website.  Here’s the question I know you’re all dying to ask him: If you don’t mind, can you tell us more about what happened for this great combination to cease ? Well, I appreciate your interest and concern about that, and I’m sure it’s coming from a good place, but… Read More » interviews Cam De Leon

Cam De Leon on MyArtSpace

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t_r_a_v_i_s, as well as willing an award for having one of the most annoying to type user names, has told Toolarmy members that there is an interview with Cam De Leon up n MyArtSpace. He only briefly talks about Tool, but it is an interesting read regardless. Q. You created some of the early artwork for the band Tool. How did you meet the band? Can you tell our readers… Read More »Cam De Leon on MyArtSpace