Chet Zar

TA Xmas Sale, Chet Zar, Maynard Interview

Blair posted on Toolarmy last night that for the next two weeks, orders received via Toolarmy (no word if it also includes sales via Toolband) will be randomly selected to get an autographed photo of the band. Hopefully this applies to people waiting for their orders to be sent (ie- people who have already ordered the Platinum Lateralus Plaque). What you order is irrelevant, so feel free to order the… Read More »TA Xmas Sale, Chet Zar, Maynard Interview

Chet Zar’s Live Painting

Adam’s good mate Chet Zar will be painting live this Saturday the 20th of May at the Max Group Art Show (1018 Santa Fe Ave., Los Angeles, CA.). More details can be found on his website. He also seems to have a new art show on the 9th of June. Thanks to Blair on Toolband/Army for that info. Happy Birthday Mum!