Tool collection for sale (again!)

Ryan from Tool Collector is once again selling his Tool collection. If you have something missing for your own collection, then take a look at his site, and get in touch with him. He also has a copy of the signed Lateralus vinyl on Ebay, which is currently up for auction starting at $510. If you’re keen for a bid, check it out here.

Rare Undertow Studio DAT silent auction

Occasionally I get asked to help sell some rare Tool memorabilia, and last week I was approached Tool collector GNX to help sell a rare Undertow studio DAT. This Digital Audio Tape is one of three mastered recordings – one for the CD, one for the LP and one for cassette. This particular one is the cassette version. According to GNX it is the same recording as used on Undertow,… Read More »Rare Undertow Studio DAT silent auction

Tool Collection for sale Part 3

The third stage of Toolboy’s Tool Collection selloff is upon us, and below are the latest items he will be parting with. For your convenience he has also included a ballpark figure for each article, and tells me that all offers will be considered.  Make a bid before the wind up on Ebay! Opened never played Opiate on Volcano 25 Opiate first US press still sealed 40 Prison Sex UK… Read More »Tool Collection for sale Part 3

Tool Collection for sale

Toolboy is an avid Tool collector, and he emailed me the other day to tell me that it was time to part with his prized collection.  It features a range of items, most of which would interest a die hard Tool collector.  He’s preferably looking to sell the collection in one lot, and asked me to forward it to the Fourtheye community to see if there was any interest from… Read More »Tool Collection for sale

Aenima Promo Vinyl on Ebay

Amer emailed me today and mentioned that he’s selling his Aenima Promo Vinyl.  He mentions on the auction that it’s the “Holy Grail of Tool Collecting”.  That may or may not be the case, but anyway, it’s currently bidding at over US$200.  Those of you who are keen to get a copy of the rare piece of vinyl, check it out!