Officer Santoro speaks!

In an article I stumbled across today, Charlie Santoro (father of Tool collaborator Matthew) speaks about being featured in Adam’s X-Files comic, as well as seeing Tool gig: Santoro picked up multiple copies of the comic books as they were released.  Framed pages of the comic book where “Officer Santoro” is featured are hung in his Linden Circle home.  Several of the comic books’ pages were pinned up around the… Read More »Officer Santoro speaks!

Adam Jones in Toronto?

Sianspheric sent me an email today telling me that a friend of his noticed the following in a press release regarding the Canadian Music Week festival on Toronto in March: Adam Jones (Tool) / Saturday March 12 / Trinity St Paul’s / 7:00pm (A World premiere multimedia presentation) – Tickets on sale Friday, January 14 at 10am. Your guess is as good as mine as to what it’s about.  Maybe… Read More »Adam Jones in Toronto?

August Updates

Here’s a bunch of news updates and things I’ve picked up of the last month but haven’t quite been motivated enough to create a new post for. In case you missed it, Justin Chancellor will be appearing on a couple of tracks on the new Intronaut album Valley of Smoke.  The album will be released on the 12th of October so Rodney tells me.  No word on what Justin plays… Read More »August Updates

Adam interviewed by Artist Direct

A new interview with Adam popped up today where he speaks with Rick Florino from Artist Direct.  He talks about his art, his involvement in the recent X-Files comic and the idea of there being a Tool movie: If the Tool story were to be made into a movie, who would be the perfect director for it, other than yourself of course? (Adam) Wow, if it was made for TV,… Read More »Adam interviewed by Artist Direct

Adam’s Comic, Justin’s Side Project & Happy Birthday’s

Just yesterday I was reading an article about a new X Files comic which happens to be a crossover with the 30 Days of Night series.  Then this morning I had it pointed out to me by a couple of readers that Adam is actually involved in this.  No details on what exactly he’s contributed, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough. Update: Looks like Adam is a co-writer,… Read More »Adam’s Comic, Justin’s Side Project & Happy Birthday’s

New Album and Comic details from Guitar World

According to there is some further information to be garnished from the recent Guitar World interview: It’s been coming along…great! [laughs] No, we’ve been on hiatus. I’m writing and [bassist] Justin [Canchellor]’s been writing, but [frontman] Maynard [James Keenan] has been working on his wine. We’ve all just been taking some time away from each other, which has been nice. I’ve also been working on producing some comics. Not… Read More »New Album and Comic details from Guitar World