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Are Tool mastering the new album?

Are Tool mastering the new album?

I had a source of mine tell me today that Danny Carey missed an advertised show at the Baked Potato last night, because he was on a plane with the rest of the band headed to Maine for mastering the new Tool album – presumably with Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering Studios. The source was a new one to me, and one I considered unverified, so I posted with some… Read More »Are Tool mastering the new album?

The Danny Carey Trio

Looks like Danny Carey has a new side project with some dudes from Zappa Plays Zappa: Stumpfest takes place over Easter this year in Portland, Oregon, and features other great acts such as Elder, Baptists and Earthless. As per the Facebook post above, the Danny Carey Trio join the party on Saturday night the 20th of April. In other Danny related news, I note a recent post on Toolband: The… Read More »The Danny Carey Trio

Tool February 2019 Newsletter

Another month has passed, and Blair shares with us another Tool newsletter. It’s a pretty dense newsletter, with a few veiled hints at a range of things, from release dates, to a possible Australian tour. I’ve seen a few interpretations around the place, ranging from a April 19 release date, as well as some rumours suggestion Tool could town Down Under as soon as July, but nothing really solid enough… Read More »Tool February 2019 Newsletter
Tool January 2019 Newsletter

Tool January 2019 Newsletter

Some were expecting the latest Tool newsletter from Blair would contain an announcement, and while technically it did, it probably wasn’t the one they are expecting! As has been reported before (I think), Danny has been working on a new book, and it will be out “soon”: I am excited to announce that Danny’s new book Remember the Future is finally at the printers.  Over three years in the making, the coffee… Read More »Tool January 2019 Newsletter
Danny says mid-April is the plan

Danny says mid-April is the plan for new Tool album release

Danny Carey appeared at NAMM just recently, and to Tool fan Dirk Doucette mentioned that in regards to the new Tool album “it’s going to be out mid-April. That’s the plan anyway“. Now Danny is notorious for being optimistic with album release dates, so take this news with a dose of skepticism, but I believe this time around we’re very much on the home stretch, and mid-April – perhaps the… Read More »Danny says mid-April is the plan for new Tool album release
Tool November 2018 Newsletter

Tool November 2018 Newsletter

Blair‘s Tool Newsletter for November 2018 is out now.  It highlights a recent visit to LA following the Malibu fires, where Blair catches up with Danny Carey and a few other regulars from the Tool family.  The good news is that Blair managed to hear at least part of the new album, though keeps it spoiler free: While walking to his car (parked on yet another deficient alley), Danny emerged… Read More »Tool November 2018 Newsletter

Tool Drum Tracking and Newsletters

A couple of good news items from the Tool camp today.  Firstly news that drum tracking is complete on the new album, with a celebratory photo from Kevin Mills: Here’s a photo taken by KEVIN MILLS (Evil Joe’s assistant) to celebrate the drum tracking being completed (other than a segue, I believe).  Thanks to Justin for sending! Other news in the last week is that the Newsletter Archive is back… Read More »Tool Drum Tracking and Newsletters

Tool announce Music Clinic tour

Without a full tour to support them, it seems Tool are taking their VIP show on the road.  Tickets go on sale to the public on Friday the 13th, with a Toolarmy pre-sale kicking off on the 11th.  Rumour is that tickets are $500, which I expect will raise a few eyebrows. Here are the details: TOOL MUSIC CLINIC: A RARE IMMERSIVE DISSECTION AND PERFORMANCE WITH DANNY CAREY, JUSTIN CHANCELLOR… Read More »Tool announce Music Clinic tour

Danny’s Drum Altar in the studio catches fire

There was an Instagram post from Adam Jones recently which showed a picture of Danny Carey holding a melted drum head, presumably outside the studio while recording the new Tool record.  Danny’s website now has an explanation for  the fire: Danny’s drum altar burst into flames the other night after he finished tracking one of the tunes for the new TOOL ALBUM. This occurred while he was listening to the… Read More »Danny’s Drum Altar in the studio catches fire

Another quick studio update

Another quick update from Adam Jones via Instagram in the studio with Tool.  It seems that Danny is well underway recording the drums, and that they’re recording to tape (bitch): ~ DC & @eviljoebarresi dialing in some drums ~ And yes … no sound 4u. #WhySpoilTheFun ? 2″ tape bitch & an ultimate SSL board w Neve & API modules. *That’s how we roll 💣📀 #analog tracking #Tool A post… Read More »Another quick studio update