Original Oil Painting of Puscifer tour poster by Leslie Ditto

An interesting item popped up on Ebay recently – an original oil painted of a recent Puscifer tour: According to the description: This is a rare opportunity to own an original painting of one of the most Ionic figures in music today. …. for auction….The Original 36″x24″ oil on canvas painting created in 2012 by Leslie Ditto for Puscifer’s 2012 Conditions of My Parole Summer Tour Poster. Also included …one… Read More »Original Oil Painting of Puscifer tour poster by Leslie Ditto

The Ultimate Melvins Collectable!

Got a shitload of money, yet not quite enough to afford an orange Lamborghini?  Maybe you should make a bid on the Melvan!  From Ebay: 1972 Dodge Sportsman Royal Van, better known as the "MELVAN" Featured in many books, Cobain Unseen, Come As You Are  ETC. & Many NIRVANA documentary films. This is a very unique piece of MEVINS/NIRVANA history & truly one of a kind. The KISS Mural on… Read More »The Ultimate Melvins Collectable!

Paul D’Amour Custom Bass on Ebay

Sam messaged me this morning to let me know about this new Ebay item: a custom Ibanez Bass used by former Tool man Paul D’Amour. According to the description: Designed per Paul’s specifications in the Ibanez custom shop. Silver w/mirror pick guard, Maple neck, Badass bridge and humbucking pick-ups. (Body was damaged in the heat of battle but solidly repaired) ONLY ONE MADE! Auction includes case. Was played on stage… Read More »Paul D’Amour Custom Bass on Ebay

1994 Tool Setlist on Ebay

I don’t normally post stuff from Ebay on here, but every now and then an item comes up that is either very special, or very expensive!  Here’s one of the latter: a 1994 Tool setlist: Anyone have a spare $10,000 handy?  Thanks to Jeff for the find!

March Tool Newsletter, Other Stuff!

I had a busy day yesterday ingesting more beer than my body can safely hand.  Fitting then that Blair releases the March 2011 Newsletter on Toolband that get the collection nuts of Fourtheye abuzz with excitement.  Here’s an excerpt: In the spirit of this newsletter about Tool memorabilia, "Merch" is going to be putting some nice stuff in the store tomorrow (consider this a head’s up). These items will include… Read More »March Tool Newsletter, Other Stuff!

A Perfect Circle track recorded? Newsletter + Tool goodies on Ebay

According to a recent tweet by Antiquiet (and also on Billy Howerdel’s Facebook so I hear): Maynard and I just got done tracking some vocal for a new APC song Hopefully this means we’ll see a new A Perfect Circle track sometime in the not too distant future. As I posted a few days ago the December Newsletter was just released.  Now I’ve had a chance to read it, here’s… Read More »A Perfect Circle track recorded? Newsletter + Tool goodies on Ebay

Undertow Master, Adam Oil Paintings, BDO Updates

Got an email today from Rick, who is selling what he claims to be a Master recording of the Undertow album on DAT tape. From the Ebay sale page: There is not much to explain I mean this is the real deal . It was obtained from a personal friend who knew people who worked at larrinkin Management. This particular MASTER RECORDING is for the Cassette Version. NEVER in the… Read More »Undertow Master, Adam Oil Paintings, BDO Updates

A Perfect Circle Limited Edition Snowboards

Spotted on the Puscifer site by chonus, are these limited edition A Perfect Circle Snowboards, proceeds from which helped the Edward Willie Cancer Fund. Here are the details: Capita snowboard produced a VERY limited number of A Perfect Circle snowboards (less than 10). This one is a directional freestyle board, brand new in the plastic except for where signed by Maynard James Keenan. Artwork contains lyrics from their 13th Step… Read More »A Perfect Circle Limited Edition Snowboards

Customised Tool Poster on Ebay

Bill sent me an email yesterday letting me know that one of the customised posters done by Adam for the 2007 tour has found it’s way onto Ebay.  The cool tour posters were based on a cool looking print, and then further customised be Adam, in this instance he drew a picture of a weird looking dude no dissimilar to one found in Tool videos.  Starting bid is $500, do… Read More »Customised Tool Poster on Ebay