Guitar Hero

Maynard performs Queen

Maynard took part in the Activision E3 event last night, singing a version of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody with Billy Howerdel on guitar.  This appears to be in aid of the forthcoming Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock game out in September 2010.  Here’s a video: According to Wikipedia, The Outsider by A Perfect Circle will be one of the playable tracks. Update: Here’s a little more info from Rolling Stone: For… Read More »Maynard performs Queen

APCs Judith likely to appear on Guitar Hero 5

According to an article on Joystiq, Judith is likely to be the A Perfect Circle track appearing on the upcoming Guitar Hero 5.  Other tracks of note (in my opinion) include: Beastie Boys – “Gratitude” King Crimson – “21st Century Schizoid Man” Muse – “Plug in Baby” Rammstein – “Du Hast” Screaming Trees – “Nearly Lost You” One day I should really get around to buying Guitar Hero 4, which… Read More »APCs Judith likely to appear on Guitar Hero 5

APC on Guitar Hero 5, Atlanta change

A couple of readers emailed me to let me know that A Perfect Circle will be appearing on Guitar Hero 5.  Details of this news and other bands announced can be found at Rolling Stone.  No word on what track will appear, but I’d put my money on it being Judith. A couple of tour changes were announced on Toolband today.  Firstly the Atlanta show which appeared to have a… Read More »APC on Guitar Hero 5, Atlanta change

October Newsletter

Blair has posted the October/Halloween Tool Newsletter, which mainly outlines his and Danny‘s trip to the Guitar Hero World Tour party in LA.  A somewhat interesting read, but I’m sure most Tool finds will find the following statement much more interesting: Oh, one more thing: “No”, GHWT wasn’t “the big thing” (your words) alluded to in earlier posts. I believe that’s still a go. In the meantime, keep on rocking… Read More »October Newsletter

Adam Jones talks Guitar Hero

Haven’t watched this yet, but apparently this Rolling Stone video interview features Adam talking about his involvement in Guitar Hero. Thanks to Nathan for the tip! Note: The video doesn’t seem to work in Firefox. IE and Google Chrome seem to handle it fine. Could be Adblock or something interfering. Who knows….

More Guitar Hero videos

Justin mailed me links to a couple of videos from the upcoming Guitar Hero: World Tour release. They feature two players in a drum-off to the Tool songs Parabola and Vicarious. Enjoy!

Guitar Hero Pics, Collide

I’ve been away in Perth this week, so have been a bit slow with the news. A whole stack of readers wrote to me to tell me that there are a couple of official Guitar Hero pictures now available featuring the Tool artwork.  Previously leaked artwork can be found here. Also in the news is that Danny features on the new Collide album Two Headed Monster.  Autographed posters (not by… Read More »Guitar Hero Pics, Collide

Guitar Hero 4 Confirmed

It’s been confirmed in many places, including Toolband that Tool will be featuring in the next edition of Guitar Hero: “Hugely popular alternative metal band Tool, known for their epic, intense musical arrangements and killer visual arts, will also soon be known for their contribution to the upcoming Guitar Hero® World Tour. Guitar Hero fans from all over the world will be able to rock out to “Parabola” and Grammy-award… Read More »Guitar Hero 4 Confirmed