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Maynard discusses wine, Adam Jones Metallica poster

Maynard spoke with the guys on Australia’s Wine Week in Melbourne the other day, and in part 1 of this interview he chats about a range of wine related topics: Maynard speaks with Wine Week Adam provided the artwork for one of the posters in the current issue of Guitar World.  Tim was kind enough to take a photo of it for us: Looks pretty cool to me – if… Read More »Maynard discusses wine, Adam Jones Metallica poster

Adam Jones Names Top 10 Guitarists

Guitar World has a new article on it’s website featuring a top 10 guitarist list by Adam Jones.  He talks about the guitarists he finds most influential, with some obvious references (King Buzzo, Robert Fripp) to the not so obvious (Dr. Know and Ronald Jones).  Check it out here!

The Pot video details

Mahamundra from Toolarmy pointed out a quote from the recent Guitar World interview with Adam Jones, and a recent tweet from Meats Meier as having something in common…. Adam Jones: We’re working on ‘The Pot’ but Ive been really lazy lately[Laughs]. The setup for it is a-lot more epic, so its actually good that we’ve been able to have more time. Its going to be all stop motion and in… Read More »The Pot video details

New Album and Comic details from Guitar World

According to there is some further information to be garnished from the recent Guitar World interview: It’s been coming along…great! [laughs] No, we’ve been on hiatus. I’m writing and [bassist] Justin [Canchellor]’s been writing, but [frontman] Maynard [James Keenan] has been working on his wine. We’ve all just been taking some time away from each other, which has been nice. I’ve also been working on producing some comics. Not… Read More »New Album and Comic details from Guitar World

The Pot video coming soon…

Ganjalf contacted me today and told me that according to the recent Guitar World interview: Jones: We’re working on “The Pot,” but i’ve been really lazy lately. The setup for it is a lot more epic, so it’s actually good that we’ve been able to have more time. It’s going to be all stop-motion and in 3D. We’re doing that so we can hopefully have it show in the theater.… Read More »The Pot video coming soon…

Guitar World Excerpt

Blabbermouth posted and excerpt from the issue of Guitar World featuring Adam Jones and Kirk Hammett.  The magazine comes out in the USA on Tuesday the 10th of February. Jones: “We opened for METALLICA in Korea and decided to hit Hawaii on our way back to do a couple shows. Kirk was heading to Hawaii, too, but I didn’t see him on our plane. After we landed, I was getting… Read More »Guitar World Excerpt

Adam in Guitar World April 2009

Adam Jones will be in the April edition (though it’s coming out in February) of Guitar World, as part of a special on Cults, and Cult Guitar players.  Also in the magazine according to the cover are transcripts, including bass for The Pot.  Thanks to Bellami for the details.

Adam in Guitar World?

According to Blair there is a rumour going around that Adam is going to be featured in the magazine Guitar World.  I haven’t heard this rumour before, so perhaps Blair is starting it – who knows!  Apparently Blair will get back to use as to whether this is true or not.