Tool unveil new logo

Some of you might know that Tool have an official Instagram account, and a few hours ago via that account some new artwork was revealed, which I expect is the new Tool logo for their upcoming album. Here it is: There have been some mixed responses to the logo in the forum and other social media, including the inevitable poop jokes, but I don’t mind it! Hopefully we’ll see some… Read More »Tool unveil new logo

Adam teases Descending in Instagram

Just as I was about to write a rant about Tool have let their fans down with a lack of communication, Adam posts a grab on Instagram which teases their often previewed live track Descending. All of a sudden my anger has subsided somewhat. Many hoped that we’d see some new songs played at the upcoming shows (the first of which is on Sunday), with probably just as many expecting… Read More »Adam teases Descending in Instagram

Danny’s Drum Altar in the studio catches fire

There was an Instagram post from Adam Jones recently which showed a picture of Danny Carey holding a melted drum head, presumably outside the studio while recording the new Tool record.  Danny’s website now has an explanation for  the fire: Danny’s drum altar burst into flames the other night after he finished tracking one of the tunes for the new TOOL ALBUM. This occurred while he was listening to the… Read More »Danny’s Drum Altar in the studio catches fire

Joe Barresi confirmed to record new Tool album

In a further update from the studio via Instagram, Adam Jones confirmed that Joe Barresi will be recording the new Tool album.  Those with long memories will recall that he also recorded 10,000 Days. ~ Preproduction Gigahorse 📀💣 ~ Excited to be working again w the Immortan Evil Joe Barresi @eviljoebarresi *however our first choice was #PhilSpector – but he has other conflicting work obligations 🚔#FTG A post shared by… Read More »Joe Barresi confirmed to record new Tool album

Final Tool rehearsal prior to recording new album?

Another visitor from the Loft today, this time British rapper Heitham Al-Sayed from the band Senser, who claims that this is the last rehearsal prior to recording.  All signs seem to be pointing to Tool reaching conclusion on their next album. We were honored to be invited to the last rehearsal before the recording begins on TOOL’s new album. I closed my eyes and saw visions, it was so moving… Read More »Final Tool rehearsal prior to recording new album?

Adam suggests new Tool album recording in March

Not to be outdone by Maynard, Adam posted on Instagram today following a visit to the Loft by Sebastian Bach (formerly of Skid Row) and King Buzzo.  In his post he suggests that Tool could kick off recording in March.  It’ll be a tight schedule though, with both Tool and A Perfect Circle having tour dates in April/May this year. Update: Adam has updating the Instagram post to suggest March… Read More »Adam suggests new Tool album recording in March

Adam Live Streams The Grudge

Tool must have been rehearsing today, and guitar player Adam Jones decided to live stream them tearing through The Grudge on Instagram.  For your listening pleasure:

Tool’s new “engineer”

Adam Jones shared a cute photo today from the new/temporary/renovated? Loft today of Tool’s new “engineer” at work: ~ *our new engineer 👶🏽❤️🎼💣 #TOOL #theboy A post shared by Adam Jones (@adamjones_tv) on Mar 22, 2017 at 2:47pm PDT Before everyone goes and get’s too excited, I’m not suggesting Tool are actually recording at the moment – there’s still no indication Maynard is done with his bits yet, and personally… Read More »Tool’s new “engineer”

Maynard & Danny – still in love after all these years

It’s true! Despite rumours to the contrary, Maynard is full of love, at least for his fellow bandmates that aren’t Adam and Justin! Actually, I image Maynard enjoys their company too, and I think he has no problem with the majority of non-insufferable Tool fans as well. Maynard and Danny are pictured via Instagram below, rehearsing for the Tool show happening this weekend. Despite being “conned into it”, I expect… Read More »Maynard & Danny – still in love after all these years