My Top 10 Tool Songs: #9 Jambi

I really liked 10,000 Days. While the album seemed to disappoint some, personally I wasn’t. I don’t think it’s quite as solid as Lateralus and Aenema are, but it’s a great album and a worth inclusion in Tool‘s discography. When I first started putting my list together I had three entries from the album, and there quite easily could have been four. Though Right In Two, Rosetta Stoned and Wings… Read More »My Top 10 Tool Songs: #9 Jambi

Happy Birthday Danny

Danny was born waaaaaay back on May 10, 1961 (at least according to Wikipedia) and today, being the 52nd anniversary of his entry to this world, it is customary, at least on Fourtheye, to post a video of his finest work. Today’s video, is a version of Jambi from last weeks show in Adelaide. It features some nice work from Danny and his machinery. Those still waiting to see Tool… Read More »Happy Birthday Danny