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Update: Mastering confirmed

Following up from yesterdays rumour of Tool entering the mastering phase, a few more bits of info have come to light to put this much closer to the “confirmed” category. Firstly, electronic artist Of The Trees has tweeted some further detail on his meeting with Tool: I imagine it was a chance encounter with the band at the airport or some other venue, rather than a planned thing. Secondly, Adam… Read More »Update: Mastering confirmed

Joe Barresi confirmed to record new Tool album

In a further update from the studio via Instagram, Adam Jones confirmed that Joe Barresi will be recording the new Tool album.  Those with long memories will recall that he also recorded 10,000 Days. ~ Preproduction Gigahorse 📀💣 ~ Excited to be working again w the Immortan Evil Joe Barresi @eviljoebarresi *however our first choice was #PhilSpector – but he has other conflicting work obligations 🚔#FTG A post shared by… Read More »Joe Barresi confirmed to record new Tool album

10 years of 10,000 Days

Ten years has passed since the release of Tool’s last album 10,000 Days, and a couple of websites have celebrated the anniversary with some retrospectives. First up is Team Rock who feature an interview with Engineer Joe Barresi.  His discusses his first impressions of Tool, as well as some of the techniques used to record 10,000 Days. The second comes from Loudwire, who have compiled a series of quotes from… Read More »10 years of 10,000 Days

Adam’s strings, Maynard Puscifer update and more!

As usual a bunch of things happened while I was away for a few days, so this post is a catch up of sorts. Firstly, Adam posted a video of himself playing around with what is believed to be a Tremoloa in Joe Barresi‘s studio: ~Playing strange strings at Joe B.'s #EvilJoe #CaptainMidnight A video posted by Adam Jones (@adamjones_tv) on May 1, 2015 at 2:38am PDT As yet there’s… Read More »Adam’s strings, Maynard Puscifer update and more!

November 2011 Tool Newsletter released

Just a quick message (I’m a little pressed for time right now) to let you guys know that the November 2011 Tool Newsletter is now up on Toolband, and it seems to talk about some form of recording with Joe Barresi and speculates a little on a winter tour. Take a read and let us know what you think!

Evil Joe on Children of Saturn tonight!

Children of Saturn is a radio show run by Rynne (Danny’s girlfriend) every Monday night (US time) or Tuesday morning (11am AEST) and features a range of special guests and cool tunes.  This weeks show, which starts in a couple of hours features Evil Joe Barresi, who you may recall worked with Tool on 10,000 Days. While I have no idea what he’s going to talk about tonight, there’s a… Read More »Evil Joe on Children of Saturn tonight!

Joe Barresi Interview

Christophe from emailed me today to let me know he’s just posted an interview he did with Joe Barresi regarding the recording of 10,000 Days.  Nothing groundbreaking in the interview, but a good read none the less: You’re said to be more focused on guitars, and first Danny Carey was even a little worried (tough he told he got the best sound with you). How did you manage with… Read More »Joe Barresi Interview

Tool February Newsletter

The February newsletter is now up on Toolband/Toolarmy and it’s a somewhat revealing one: Tool are in the process or writing new material., though Blair personally hasn’t heard any. Joe Baressi has, which suggests to me he’s probably going to engineer the album again. Adam has a new pedal he’s been playing around with, and this may or may not feature. Danny has some new percussion instruments, and they definitely… Read More »Tool February Newsletter

December Tool Newsletter

Blair released the December Newsletter on Toolband today, and surprisingly it’s somewhat on topic.  For those who can’t be bothered reading it: Nothing happening on the Tool front at the moment, but song writing will probably commence once the holiday season is over (with presumably Maynard joining them after the Puscifer shows).  Also, no decision has been made as to whether or not they might tour in 2009.  Personally, I… Read More »December Tool Newsletter

Joe Barresi and Bob Ludwig on 10,000 Days

Blair posts on Toolband/Army today that there’s an interview with Joe Barresi and Bob Ludwig about the recording of 10,000 Days.  Certainly one that I missed, and a very interesting read as well. Check it out here. Tool is a dynamic band: intricate and intense, brutal and subtle. Each album is an aural adventure full of high-caliber musicianship, sick humor and sonic surprises. They create hard-edged, surreal portraits with driving… Read More »Joe Barresi and Bob Ludwig on 10,000 Days