Junior, Breck and Co. talk about the stage setup for Tool’s 2016 tour

I came across this fantastic article on PLSN yesterday, in which Mark ”Junior” Jacobson (lighting designer & director) and Breckinridge ”Breck” Haggerty (video designer & director) talk about the stage setup for Tool’s recent 2016 winter tour: Mark ”Junior” Jacobson Lighting Designer & Director “The band hadn’t played live since Spring 2014, and they were offered a festival date in Tempe for Halloween 2015. We found out about it in… Read More »Junior, Breck and Co. talk about the stage setup for Tool’s 2016 tour

Alternative Nation and Junior reckon the tour is set

An article on Alternative Nation, as well as a comment Junior made on Fourtheye suggest that the 2016 Tool tour is pretty much set and that there won’t be many, if any, more dates to be added. This is despite rumours (and that’s all they were) that Failure were to join Tool on a second half of the run across the USA. Looks like those of you in the northern… Read More »Alternative Nation and Junior reckon the tour is set

Tool May 2015 Newsletter

Blair has posted the May 2015 Tool Newsletter for your reading pleasure. It’s one that is unlikely to win many fans amongst Blair’s critics, however may drop a few cryptic hints as to what Tool are up to these days. The most interesting part I got from it was: How about the rumors of the band playing some festival date, where they can finally unveil Junior’s drone-suspended lightning configuration? No…… Read More »Tool May 2015 Newsletter

Junior and Breck discuss Tour 2014 Lighting and Video production

In a recent article on PLSN (Projection, Lights and Staging New) Tool crew members Breckinridge Haggerty (Video Designer & Director) and Mark “Junior” Jacobson (Lighting Designer & Director) discuss their jobs and the tweaks to the recent Tool tour set: The band members have been fairly good about giving us a potential pool of songs for each tour leg. The songs we know will be there almost every night get… Read More »Junior and Breck discuss Tour 2014 Lighting and Video production

Stuff that happened while I was away

As usual, I go away for a few days and a bunch of interesting things happen. Here’s an overview of some largely non-Tool news that’s happened over the weekend: Firstly Blair posted the latest Tool Newsletter, which features a great interview with Tool lighting dude Junior. He answers a range of questions regarding his work with Tool (and other bands) and even name drops Adelaide as one of his favourite… Read More »Stuff that happened while I was away

Mastodon & Meshuggah join Soundwave 2012

Tool touring buddies Mastodon and Meshuggah have both been confirmed as part of the 2012 Soundwave Festival down here in Australia.  The festival, which also includes headline acts System of a Down (which may well feature our buddy Junior on lights) and Slipknot, tours around Australia in February and March.  Here’s the dates: Saturday 25 RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane SUNDAY 26 SYDNEY OLYMPIC PARK FRIDAY 2 MELBOURNE SHOWGROUNDS SATURDAY 3 ADELAIDE… Read More »Mastodon & Meshuggah join Soundwave 2012

Happy Birthday Junior!

Happy Birthday to Tool Lighting Director Junior!  Looking forward to seeing what new lighting tricks you can show us all in 2012!  To celebrate here’s some of his finest work: Aenima 2010

Monday will be a good day….

…to be an A Perfect Circle fan according to Billy’s Myspace page.  Combined with a Facebook update of “Stay Tuned” we can only guess that tour dates will be announced then.  Or perhaps just some more information regarding their plans. In other social media related news, Junior posted on Facebook just a little while ago that he’ll be working with Devo the next couple of months.  Possibly importantly for us… Read More »Monday will be a good day….