Justin Chancellor

Justin’s custom pedal & A Perfect Circle tickets

There’s no real Tool news at the moment (nor will there be for some time I suspect) so we have to make do with some news that is only kinda interesting, depending on what floats your boat. Anyway, what floats my boat are guitar pedals, and Justin Chancellorr has a fancy custom version of one by boutique pedal vendor KHDK Electronics.  It’s based on their overdrive pedal called Abyss, and has some… Read More »Justin’s custom pedal & A Perfect Circle tickets

Justin discusses the new album with Metal Sucks

Metal Sucks have today published a Podcast which contains a 10 minute interview with Justin Chancellor, where he talks about progress on the new Tool album, and their love of playing live.  While the interview is short on much concrete information, Justin does mention that he believes the new album is about 90% done.  He declined to give any indication of when it would be released though. It’s an insightful… Read More »Justin discusses the new album with Metal Sucks

Justin talks about San Bernadino show

Adam had his chance, now Justin Chancellor speaks OC Weekly about the San Bernadino Tool show coming up this weekend.  He opens up a bit about some of the other acts playing on the weekend including Primus: “My fourth gig I ever did with Tool was at the Oakland Coliseum. We supported Primus,” Chancellor said. “I was like 25 and it was all very overwhelming. To come full circle and… Read More »Justin talks about San Bernadino show

Justin speak to Bass Player about the new Tool album

In what is one of the most revealing interviews in the last 10 years, Justin goes into a fair bit of depth into the progress and process behind the new Tool album.  Jon D’Auria from Bass Player speaks at length with Justin Chancellor on what is a insightful read. While he didn’t want to be drawn into speculation as to when the album will be ready (based in my interpretation… Read More »Justin speak to Bass Player about the new Tool album

Justin Chancellor talks about basses and cooking

Justin Chancellor was at the Warwick Bass Camp recently, and took some time to speak with Jakub Milszewski from Top Guitar about Basses, M.T.void, football as well as a sneaky Tool update: For those not interested in watching the video, and just want the Tool “news”: just trust me that it’s gonna be awesome…..it’s gonna happen – it’s in the oven, it’s in the oven…..it’s cooking, it’s cooking Hopefully some… Read More »Justin Chancellor talks about basses and cooking

Tool News and Rumours

This page contains all the latest Tool news and rumours collected by me from a bunch of sources. It also collects information for a range of Tool related acts – usually side projects such as A Perfect Circle and Puscifer, and friends of Tool such as Yob and The Melvins. If you know anything you think is missing from this page, feel free to let me know! Tool News Tool… Read More »Tool News and Rumours

OFF! film video at Justin’s place

Punk band OFF! (featuring members of Black Flag, Burning Brides and Redd Kross) filmed a new video recently, and according to Toolband was done so on Justin’s property out at Topanga: Here’s a small photo of Justin with the “star” of the video – Jack Black!

More Smoke On The Horizon…

Adam has posted another photo with the tag #SmokeOnTheHorizon this time a shot of all four members of Tool in the newly refurbished Loft. Presumably they’re listing to some material for the new album, and Maynard is either starting his lyrical process, or is listening to the progress so far. It’s hard to get too excited considering all the delays we’ve had, but it finally looks as though we have… Read More »More Smoke On The Horizon…

Jakob unleash Sines

New Zealand instrumental post-rock band, and regular Tool touring buddies Jakob are preparing to release their long awaited new LP Sines in a couple of days. These guys joined Tool on tour Down Under in 2011 and then again for a show in NZ in 2013. Justin even joined them on-stage in a memorable set at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. In a recent interview with Off The Tracks they… Read More »Jakob unleash Sines