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My Tool Top 10: #2 Lateralus

What’s the best part about Tool‘s Lateralus? What makes it the number two in my Tool Top 10? That catchy riffs with Adam and Justin intertwining? Maynard’s Fibonacci inspired (deliberate or otherwise) lyrics? Danny’s polyrythmic drumming? The cathartic last minute of the song? The laser show during the live set? All of those things appeal to me, but my favorite parts of Lateralus are both guitar solos, and they are… Read More »My Tool Top 10: #2 Lateralus

Happy Birthday Mr Jones

On this day way back in 1965 the word bore witness to the birth of Adam Thomas Jones, who we all know went onto become the guitar play for Tool, as well as occasional poster creator and movie sculptor.  Adam will be on tour tonight, and who knows if they have any special plans for him on the evening.  Maybe the crowd should break out into happy birthday when the… Read More »Happy Birthday Mr Jones

Tool Practise Clips

Maynard has posted a couple of Tool rehearsal clips similar to the ones he did recently for A Perfect Circle.  It shows the band playing sections of Lateralus and EBA/The Patient.  They are embedded below for your viewing pleasure! Lateralus EBA & The Patient It’s also worth noting that the Notes From The Crew section on Toolarmy has been updated. Update: And here’s clip 3! 46&2

Playing Catchup!

I’ve been quite busy the last few days, so have a few bits and pieces to post, none of which are amazingly exciting though.  At least it will clear my Inbox!  I may also get around to posting my Soundwave review which is sitting in my Drafts folder! The most important one is that Alex Grey and his wife were involved in a serious car accident last week.  They both… Read More »Playing Catchup!

Signed Lateralus Vinyl on Ebay

My mate Lachrymotion from Toolarmy is reluctantly selling his copy of the Signed Lateralus on Ebay.  Current bidding puts it at US$89 but don’t be surprised if it goes for US$300+, especially considering it’s one that Adam has doodled on, rather than just a plain autograph.

Signed Lateralus been and gone!

Toolarmy has a post indicating that a limited quantity Signed Lateralus Vinyl was available earlier today.  Unfortunately for those of you reading this for the first time, they appear to be sold out.  No word on if any more of these will be made available at any point, though I’d suggest there wouldn’t be many more hidden away in the TA warehouse.

Signed Vinyl on Ebay

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Mark emailed me today to let me know that he’s posted his Lateralus Signed Vinyl on Ebay. It looks to be in great condition, though it doesn’t feature a special signature by Adam like some lucky individuals managed to get. Bidding at the moment is at US$300 and seems to be shipping to the US only at this stage. Which is a shame, because given the strong Australian Dollar at… Read More »Signed Vinyl on Ebay

Signed Lateralus on Ebay

Looks like Tree from Toolarmy has his signed Lateralus vinyl up for sale on Ebay.  It’s on the UK site so is in pounds, and currently the bidding is at £250, that‘s around $586 Aussie dollars.