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A Perfect Circle announce Stone And Echo

I received and email this morning from the A Perfect Circle mailing list (as well as many Fourtheye readers) letting me know that details of their collectible Live DVD Stone And Echo have been released. The package is more than just a live performance and features: Stone And Echo, a full-length DVD (with accompanying audio CD) featuring the band’s stirring Aug. 11, 2011 performance at the historic Red Rocks Amphitheater… Read More »A Perfect Circle announce Stone And Echo

Yet another Danny interview

Sick of Tool interviews yet? I know I feel like I’ve spent all day reading and posting them. This one is from The Rock FM which is a New Zealand radio station. Tracy had a chat to Danny about a range of topics which you can listen to here. For those not willing/able to listen, here are the main points: Danny has recently done some recording with Jason Bonham and… Read More »Yet another Danny interview

Blair hints at Live DVD

Pretty high on most Tool fans wishlist is a Live DVD, and in a recent Toolband article Blair dropped a hint that may or may not suggest it’ll happen soon: In this photo taken by Rynne, is Tool manager Pete… A) Pondering the future release date for the band’s live DVD?.. B) Waiting for Arsenal to play?.. C) Trying to contact UFO occupants near the White Mountains?.. Live DVD huh? … Read More »Blair hints at Live DVD

Danny Carey Interview in DRUMscene

I mentioned this interview yesterday, but this morning when I visited the local magazine emporium, I spotted a copy of issue 64 of DRUMscene featuring Danny and decided to grab a copy (it was only $10).  And I gotta say it was $10 very well spent, then interview is one of the best I’ve read, and Danny speaks extensively about where the new album is at, the Live DVD, recording/song… Read More »Danny Carey Interview in DRUMscene

Red Rocks Confirmed! Puscifer DVD!

While not yet confirmed on Toolband, the 93.3 Website and AEG Live are showing that Tool are playing at Red Rocks, CO on to consecutive nights on the 28th and 29th of June (not that’s June not July). I’m not 100% convinced by those dates yet, so wait for confirmation on Toolband, but seems extremely likely that this will go ahead at this awesome venue.  Two nights in a row… Read More »Red Rocks Confirmed! Puscifer DVD!

Maynard discusses Live DVD (and other stuff!)

In a recent interview on, Maynard makes a brief mention of the Live DVD. I have to ask: What’s up with A Perfect Circle and Tool? Nothing I know of at the moment. There’s always writing, we’re always doing that. But as soon as I say anything…like, I mentioned 15 years ago a possibility of filming a live Tool show, and I still get asked about that! I made… Read More »Maynard discusses Live DVD (and other stuff!)

Tool Attorney Alan Jones

Not the prominent Aussie asshole Alan Jones, but the brother of Adam; Alan Jones happens to be Tool‘s attorney. You can read about his work and how he is related to Tool on his website, but recently Redzorg of Toolarmy posted this snippet on one of the boards there: Tools’ attorney is adams brother alan. and he is the one fighting to get the dvd released in the way in… Read More »Tool Attorney Alan Jones