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Happy Birthday Danny!

Happy Birthday Danny!

I don’t always wish band members Happy Birthday on here any more, but since I was sent a special photo by reader slaamri I have a nice photo of some signed merch to share. From slaamri to Danny: Happy birthday from France! And I know the sentiment is expressed worldwide! Hopefully all those at the Tool show this evening will give him a solid rendition of Happy Birthday to You.… Read More »Happy Birthday Danny!

Tool Tour 2016 shirts and posters

For those Tool tour poster collectors out there, take note that the Toolband store has had a range of these appear online in the last few days. There seem to be more shirts than posters (probably because the posters sell faster) so keep checking back, you may find the one you want appear in the future. One of the shirts you can buy at the moment is the nice Adi… Read More »Tool Tour 2016 shirts and posters

Tool Xmas ornament for sale on Toolband

Xmas is here I guess, and as seems to be increasingly the case these days, there are some merchandise items available for purchase on Toolband. These include some Xmas ornaments, a lighter and some furry hat thing. If any of this stuff excites you, then head on over and spend some money. Personally, I’d like to purchase: A live Tool DVD Some kind of Opiate re-recording 10,000 Days vinyl For… Read More »Tool Xmas ornament for sale on Toolband

Toolarmy Exclusive Custom Framed Wall Art Piece

There’s a new Toolarmy exclusive merch item availalbe for purchase for those with deep pockets: ToolArmy members will be given the first chance to purchase a LIMITED EDITION custom FRAMED TOOL WALL ART PEICE. HAND NUMBERED and SIGNED by ALL FOUR MEMBERS of the band, these pine WOOD frames (measuring 18″ X 24″) come in your choice of a MATTE BLACK FINISH or GLOSS BLACK FINISH. Strictly LIMITED TO ONLY… Read More »Toolarmy Exclusive Custom Framed Wall Art Piece

Carey Rhythm 93 Jersey on sale

Danny Carey has some new merchandise on his website, this being a basketball-style jersey: Coming up with the design for DANNY’S latest shirt was somewhat of a no-brainer. What does the Tool drummer feel most comfortable wearing while performing shows? The answer, of course, being sports jerseys from his favorite teams (such as his beloved KU Jayhawks), with at other times tee shirts replete with esoteric symbolism. So, we combined… Read More »Carey Rhythm 93 Jersey on sale

Expensive Maynard prints by Tim Cadiente now available!

For the Tool/Maynard fan who has everything and still has deep pockets, there’s a print now available from Tim Cadiente’s website called Hawk’in Time: This studio image of Maynard James Keenan is being offered for a very limited time in a very limited quantity. A 19 x 13 Archival pigmented ink print, signed, embossed and numbered by Maynard James Keenan and Tim Cadiente. Each image will come with a certificate… Read More »Expensive Maynard prints by Tim Cadiente now available!

Tool April 2014 Newsletter out now!

Blair’s April 2014 Tool newsletter is now online, and while it doesn’t feature any Tool news, it does have a lengthy interview with the Tool Merch guy (name unknown). There’s also a promise of new old merch items: To go along with his interview in the newsletter, “Merch” will be adding a very limited number of some rare, discontinued items in the Tool stores. This will include vintage shirts such… Read More »Tool April 2014 Newsletter out now!

Incitare Deluxe Bundle now available

Kat messaged me this morning to let me know that the new Volto! album Incitare is now available for order as part of a Deluxe Bundle. According to the site the bundle includes: Exclusive, limited edition, 180 gram audiophile Vinyl edition of the album Incitare featuring the limited edition album artwork, an etching of the VOLTO! “Shock Rat” (same design as the T-shirt) on Side D, designed by Adam Jones… Read More »Incitare Deluxe Bundle now available

Tool pillows and other money spending opportunities

Looks like the Tool pillows Blair mentioned are now available for purchase via the Toolband store just in time for Xmas. Turns out they are made from old band shirts, so if you’ve put on weight while waiting for the new Tool album, perhaps you could drag out some of your old shirts and make your own! If you’re not so inclinded to sew, then they can be purchased for… Read More »Tool pillows and other money spending opportunities

Tool November 2012 Newsletter online

It’s a sunny day in Adelaide today, and for fans that like short and to the point newsletters, today should also be a sunny one for them. Blair’s November Tool newsletter is now available on Toolband, and for those that often type tl:dr here are the highlights: Adam is in England, Maynard is doing stuff with other bands, and Danny & Justin are/were in Hawaii Not much writing in the… Read More »Tool November 2012 Newsletter online