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Tales from the Loft and leftover Tour Merch

Just a couple of quick updates from Toolband today, where Blair shares with us a photo from the recent Tool songwriting sessions, as well as a hint that there’s more to come: A rare glimpse inside Tool’s storied loft – one of a dozen or so photos recently taken by Adam, Danny, and Justin while writing and arranging their contributions to the next Tool record. (Note: When Adam sent me… Read More »Tales from the Loft and leftover Tour Merch

Tool Collection for sale Part 3

The third stage of Toolboy’s Tool Collection selloff is upon us, and below are the latest items he will be parting with. For your convenience he has also included a ballpark figure for each article, and tells me that all offers will be considered.  Make a bid before the wind up on Ebay! Opened never played Opiate on Volcano 25 Opiate first US press still sealed 40 Prison Sex UK… Read More »Tool Collection for sale Part 3

Tool throw oranges at AZ crowd

Forget a signed poster, drumstick or head – are you lucky enough to score a Tool signed Orange? Move over signed Lateralus and Salival, you now have a competitor… There’s also an accompanying video (NOTE THE VIDEO DOESN’T HAVE SPOILERS BUT THE RELATED VIDEO TITLES DO!!), which I’m unable to watch at work. Thanks to polarbear_15 for the tip!

Tool Collection for sale

Toolboy is an avid Tool collector, and he emailed me the other day to tell me that it was time to part with his prized collection.  It features a range of items, most of which would interest a die hard Tool collector.  He’s preferably looking to sell the collection in one lot, and asked me to forward it to the Fourtheye community to see if there was any interest from… Read More »Tool Collection for sale

1994 Tool Setlist on Ebay

I don’t normally post stuff from Ebay on here, but every now and then an item comes up that is either very special, or very expensive!  Here’s one of the latter: a 1994 Tool setlist: Anyone have a spare $10,000 handy?  Thanks to Jeff for the find!

March Tool Newsletter, Other Stuff!

I had a busy day yesterday ingesting more beer than my body can safely hand.  Fitting then that Blair releases the March 2011 Newsletter on Toolband that get the collection nuts of Fourtheye abuzz with excitement.  Here’s an excerpt: In the spirit of this newsletter about Tool memorabilia, "Merch" is going to be putting some nice stuff in the store tomorrow (consider this a head’s up). These items will include… Read More »March Tool Newsletter, Other Stuff!

Tool Porn

Ever wanted to see human beings making love in front of a Net of Being Tool poster?  Well now you can thanks to (link removed to satisfy Google!) !  That link is NSFW in case you haven’t guessed!   Fittingly, it features anal sex.  Thanks to BiteMark  who directed me to that video…

Tour Posters

Tour posters are flying at me thick and fast, both from readers and from NOMAD, the guys who print them.  Below is a selection of pics I’ve been sent so far!       Click to embiggen!