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Weekly Update 12-April-2018

Time for another not so weekly update!  In this issue: Mike Patton talks Tool Legend of the Seagullmen gig Tom Morello comments on Tool album again (in Italian) Off the Grid! Albums worth listening too! Mike Patton talks Tool Faith No More singer Mike Patton is a well respected member of the music industry, and seems to be somewhat of a Tool fan according to a recent chat with Revolver:… Read More »Weekly Update 12-April-2018

News Catch-Up!

I’ve been away for a few days, and have missed out on several little bits and pieces of Tool related news. No tour news though, which is what people really want! Firstly, Maynard appears in the new movie Crank 2, which also features Danny Lohner, Mike Patton doing the soundtrack, and some dude from Linkin Park.  Thanks to Ziggy and AZB for the tips. In another movie related item, apparently… Read More »News Catch-Up!

Faith No More reunion

Something that I’m sure will appeal to most Tool fans – a recent press release from Mike Patton‘s publicist has revealed that Faith No More will be reforming for a series of European gigs this year: MIKE PATTON SCORES FIRST FEATURE FILM, CRANK 2: HIGH VOLTAGE LOS ANGELES, Feb. 24-Mike Patton (Fantômas, Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Peeping Tom and the forthcoming Mondo Cane amongst others) has just completed his… Read More »Faith No More reunion

Melvins Sydney Gig

According to stubbadub.com the Melvins gig in Sydney will be held at the Annandale on the 22nd of January: Almost 25 years, over 25 albums and still counting, the Melvins are considered one of the godfathers of sludge metal whom heavily influenced the Seattle grunge scene back in the 90’s. With a cult following across the globe, and including original members King Buzzo (Guitar/vocals) and Dale Crover (Drums/vocals), the band… Read More »Melvins Sydney Gig

December Tool Newsletter

Blair released the December Newsletter on Toolband today, and surprisingly it’s somewhat on topic.  For those who can’t be bothered reading it: Nothing happening on the Tool front at the moment, but song writing will probably commence once the holiday season is over (with presumably Maynard joining them after the Puscifer shows).  Also, no decision has been made as to whether or not they might tour in 2009.  Personally, I… Read More »December Tool Newsletter

Fantomas Melvins Big Band One Week Only!

The Fantomas Melvins Big Band DVD recently released is streaming in it’s entirety on PitchforkTV all this week. If you’d like to check out this great recording then make sure you check this out.

More details on the Nightmare Before Christmas

Usquan from Toolarmy has posted these further details on the upcoming Nightmare Before Christmas festival, curated by Mike Patton & The Melvins. As expected, Ipecac bands feature quite heavily: All Tomorrow’s Parties takes great pleasure in announcing that the next curators for the Nightmare Before Christmas this December 2008 will be Mike Patton and Melvins. Both are hugely influential, innovative and vital productive forces, and we’re very very pleased to… Read More »More details on the Nightmare Before Christmas

Mike Patton & The Melvins curate Nightmare Before Xmas

According to a recent post on Rock-a-Rolla, Mike Patton and The Melvins will be curating the Nightmare Before Christmas festival in Minehead, UK. Mike Patton and Melvins are set to curate this year’s Nightmare Before Christmas, ATP’s annual festival held in Minehead, UK in December. Previous years have seen the likes of Thurston Moore and Portishead invite their personal favourites to perform over three days. Sources close to Ipecac, the… Read More »Mike Patton & The Melvins curate Nightmare Before Xmas

Jello’s 50th

A recent update from Ipecac reveals some interesting Melvins, Jello Biafra and Mike Patton news: Don’t be late for tonights world debut of Crudo (Patton/Automator/Butterscotch ). They open with a bang! In other SanFrancisco news, you are invited to Jello Biafra’s 50th birthday celebration!!! On June 16 & 17 join the Melvins in celebrating the big 5-0 for the punk rabble rousing former Dead Kennedy legend at the Great American… Read More »Jello’s 50th

Australian Bands You Should Listen To…

A fiar percentage of our readers are from the US and other countries around the world, and since things are relatively quiet on the Tool front (at least until the next issue of Revolver comes out), I though it might be a good idea to try and introduce some of our overseas guests to some of our best Australian bands.  I’m not talking about AC/DC, Silverchair or Wolfmother, I mean… Read More »Australian Bands You Should Listen To…