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Tool – Special Guests Compilation

Scarletletterman from Toolarmy has put together a compilation ove live bootlegs with many of the guest musicians that have played with Tool over the years.  It seems pretty comprehensive to me, so grab a copy from Megaupload.  Big thumbs up! Here’s a list of the tracks: Holiday in Cambodia – with Jello Biafra ex-The Dead Kennedys- 12.11.07 Sober with Serj Tankian of System of A Down- 01.19.07 Lateralus with Tom… Read More »Tool – Special Guests Compilation

Ipecac Figurines

Sick of buying Tool T-Shirts? Then check out these cool figurines, available from Ipecac in January next year. Models include Tool favorites The Melvins, Tomahawk, Fantomas and Isis:

Ipecac Store + Melvins Doll

Looks like Ipecac Recordings have opened an online store to sell stuff for their more popular bands. You can find a wide selection of shirts and stuff from all your favorites, including Tool tour mates Tomahawk, Fantomas, Isis and The Melvins. Some cool stuff there. One thing you can purchase is this cool Melvins Doll. it could be yours for US$50!

The Melvins at The Troubadour

This Friday the 27th of July, the Melvins will be playing at The Troubadour in Hollywood.  Trevor Dunn from Fantomas will be taking care of bass playing this show, and they’re expecting to play the entire Lysol and Eggnog albums.  Blair tells us that some members of Tool might be there.  Adam playing with the guys perhaps?

Poll Results: Favorite Mike Patton Project?

Last weeks poll asked what was your favorite Mike Patton project? Personally I’m a Tomahawk fan, but it came as no surprise to me to see that Faith No More won the poll.  Faith No More were pretty much a defining band for me as a teenager.  Without them, and particularly Angel Dust I probably would never got into Heavy Music at all, and would be stuck in the purgatory… Read More »Poll Results: Favorite Mike Patton Project?

Ipecac Stuff

A couple of bits of info for those of you who are Mike Patton fans. Tour dates for Peeping Tom’s trip to Australia and New Zealand have been confirmed: 16th June Auckland 19th June Brisbane 21st June Sydney 22nd June Melbourne 24th June Perth Looks like South Australians (and South Islanders!) miss out again.  One less show for me to go too I suppose.  I like Peeping Tom, but not… Read More »Ipecac Stuff

New Poll: Favorite Mike Patton Project?

Since rumours of an upcoming Peeping Tom tour are being bandied around at the moment, I thought now might be a good chance to ask – what is your favorite Mike Patton project?

Poll Results: Who would you like to see guesting with Tool?

  • Tool
A pretty popular poll this week, though it may be due to me leaving it up a little longer than normal.  I asked who would you like to see as a guest during a Tool song, and aside from the suggestions I made, you readers suggest many other alternatives, some pretty good I though.  Personally I chose King Buzzo because all the bootlegs I’ve heard with him sound great.  Sometimes… Read More »Poll Results: Who would you like to see guesting with Tool?


Here are a few Tool and Non-Tool related news items I’ve noticed in the last few days: Apparently Tool are playing on Wednesday, March 21st at the Tucson Convention Center in Tucson.  Thanks to Toolshed. Tool changed their set for the Gold Coast BDO last night, dropping a newer song for an older one.  Thanks Matt! Rage Against The Machine are apparently reforming and playing on the Coachella Music Festival. … Read More »Snippets

Hellboy’s Best of 2006

I know some people out there are interested in my opinion. If you’re not one of those, stop reading now. You won’t find (much) Tool information in this post. Since I don’t listen to every single album out there, rather than try and compile a top ten list out of the probably 11 albums I’ve listen to this year, I’m just going to post a few mini-reviews on albums that… Read More »Hellboy’s Best of 2006