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Triple J Hottest 100

Triple J are running their annual Hottest 100 again this year, and for the first time in 5 years Tool are eligable.  For those who don’t know what it is, Triple J is an annual online poll in which Triple J listeners vote for their favorite 10 tracks of the year.  Then, normally around Australia Day, Triple J play a countdown of the top 100 tracks.  Voting is open to… Read More »Triple J Hottest 100

Ipecac New Year

Ipecac Recordings posted a message the other day outlining it’s plans for 2007.  Apparently we can expect releases from Tomahawk, The Melvins and Goon Moon (featuring Twiggy Ramierez).  There will also be a couple of DVD’s and “some big surprises”.  It’s also good to see that Unsane have signed up with Ipecac as well.  For those that haven’t heard them, they’re a hard rock band in the vain of Helmet,… Read More »Ipecac New Year

Tour Poll Results

Last weeks poll asked who who you would prefer see Tool tour with again. This options ai gave were made up of artists Tool have toured with in the last couple of tours. I was somewhat surprised to see King Crimson win the poll. I knew they were popular amongst Tool fans but didn’t expect them to win the poll. I voted for Tomahawk based pretty much on the fact… Read More »Tour Poll Results

Tomahawk in 2007, Fantômas Later

Some news regarding the bands Tomahawk and Fantômas was posted on Toolarmy by Bastardometer earlier today.  It seems as though the new Tomahawk CD is coming eventually, and that the guys hope to record by the end of the year.  The reason for the delay has been Patton’s commitments to Peeping Tom.  The new CD is said to consist of versions of public domain Native American songs.  Lipan Conjuring anyone?… Read More »Tomahawk in 2007, Fantômas Later

Lies, Rumours and Speculation….

All the time I get people asking me questions. “Hey Hellboy, when do you think Tool will be playing in country X?” “When do you think the Vicarious video will be coming out?”. I’m always happy to answer these questions, but the truth is, most of the time I don’t know the answer. Anyway, since it’s a slow news day, and in order to inform those of us who don’t… Read More »Lies, Rumours and Speculation….

Tour Rumours

Blair made a couple of posts today, one a Toolarmy exclusive which talk about the upcoming arena tour. Firstly he suggests that Tool will be visiting the southern parts of the US not already mentioned, though this may not be until they get back from Europe/Australia.  I guess this means Tool down under immediately afther the Euro tour winds up in December?  Not too surprising i suppose, and a source… Read More »Tour Rumours

Melvins Back in Action, Jelvins Down-Under

mobius maximus on Toolarmy pointed this article out to us today: http://www.billboard.com/bbcom/news/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1001844587 Basically, it covers the Melvins latest happenings, some details on Mike Pattons Peeping Tom project, and my favorite bit, the fact that Jello Biafra and the Melvins will be touring Australia. Holy shit yes!

Jelvins, Melvins, Tomahawk and TMOC

Some non-Tool news for a change. There’s a relatively interesting, if a little short interview with Jello Biafra here, where he talks about his involvement with the Melvins. It boes on to mention that Adam Jones plays on half of the tracks on the new CD Sieg Howdy! Ipecac.com are reporting that the Melvins are releasing a ‘new’ version of Houdini in the near future. Also, Peeping Tom for mid-2006.… Read More »Jelvins, Melvins, Tomahawk and TMOC

Hey Joe!

It’s Joe’s (presumably Joe Baressi) birthday today, August 16th according to Toolband so I thought I’d share with you all an interview with ex-Helmet/Tomahawk/Mark of Cain drummer John Stanier, where he talks (amongst other things) about Joe’s recording techniques. Enjoy! Is it a coincidence that Joe’s birthday is the same date as the alleged Teleincision (not that it ever happened, surprise surprise!). http://www.ink19.com/issues/january2004/interviews/johnStanier.html

Fantomas Tour!

According to the The Frontier Touring Company, Fanotmas are on their way back Down Under. Not sure if I’ll be able to catch them this time, since the finances are a little tight for a trip down to Brisbane at the moment. Maybe if everyone who uses my Toolarmy Toolbar donate’s $5 I’ll be able too! Still I’m better off than when I was in Adelaide, since they’ve decided to… Read More »Fantomas Tour!