Maynard talks about V is Viagra

Straight from the Puscifer Myspace Blog: Just finished listening to the first ruff master for the V is for Viagra, remix collection. It’s so inspiring to hear how others musicians re-interpret these songs. Good times. There are for sure a few stand outs, but I won’t ruin it for you. Lots of stuff about to be hatched. The video for DoZo is almost done. Meats is chain chugging power drinks… Read More »Maynard talks about V is Viagra

The Melvins + Big Business Recording & Touring

j0hnnygu3st from Toolarmy sent word of this recent entry on the Big Business Myspace Blog: I know it’s late, but it’s high time we get everyone on the same page for the upcoming year in Big Business. Right now I am sitting in a recording studio in Hollywood as Jared is doubling his bass parts on a new Melvins record. Check out the photos in our photos. It has a… Read More »The Melvins + Big Business Recording & Touring

Meats Meier on Dozo and Tool website redesign

According to Meats Meier’s Myspace site, work is progressing will on the Dozo video for Puscifer: I’m working night and day on the Puscifer Dozo music video. Almost all of the 80 shots have a combination of motion capture, 3d tracking, and live video that have to all work together perfectly. Probably the most the challenging project of my life so far. I bit off a lot on this one… Read More »Meats Meier on Dozo and Tool website redesign

The Undertaker – Spanish Fly Remix

fortysixand2 posted on Toolarmy the other advising that there is a Spanish Fly remix of Puscifer‘s The Undertaker now available on Maynard‘s Myspace site.  It features a female sing Spanish vocals rather than Maynard, but sound cool regardless.

Review: Big Day Out 2008

I headed out to the Adelaide Showgrounds for the annual Big Day Out festival yesterday, and here is the obligatory review post. For those that want to short version, highlights were Rage Against The Machine, Battles and the Electronic Drumming Robot. Lowlights include crowds and aged rockers slowing down. For those that want the long version – read on! Arrival My two friends and I decided that we’d plan to… Read More »Review: Big Day Out 2008


Here’s several mini-updates for you, none of which are particularly exciting: Happy Birthday Adam and Sasha Danny & Rynne have a new dog Levi The Vicarious lyrics are up on Toolband/Army No update on possible Missoula or San Antonio dates as hinted to in the last newsletter.  No news of Australian tour dates either for that matter, nor has then been any confirmation officially as to whether or not Tool will… Read More »Updates

Puscifer Update

According to a recent post on Maynard‘s Myspace site, the Queen B DVD will be available on Tuesday, and is a limited edition so don’t delay in ordering it (presumably from the Puscifer website?).  No word as to what’s on the DVD apart from the Queen B video, but it’s safe to say there’s probably no live Tool tracks.  Meats Meier is continuing work on the Dozo video, and according… Read More »Puscifer Update

Cuntry Boner #1 Dance Single?

According to Maynard‘s Myspace Blog: Get this. Are you sitting down? Not sure how this happened, but I’m not complaining. Cuntry Boner just showed up at number 1 on the Billboard Dance Singles Chart and number 10 on the Billboard Singles Chart. Not kidding. Almost as funny as Jethro Tull winning a Grammy for Best METAL Performance. Hopefully it won’t go down. El Oh El.

Ashes Divide released in March 08

Blabbermouth reports that Billy Howerdel, guitar player for A Perfect Circle will be releasing his solo project Ashes Divide in March 2008.  The album will be release on the Island Records label.  According to the post Howerdel played all parts on the record except for the drums which were done by Josh Freese. The first track Enemies can be heard on the Myspace site.  Sounds like APC minus Maynard to… Read More »Ashes Divide released in March 08

Puscifer Updates

Maynard posted a Puscifer Update on his Myspace site today.  Not much we don’t already know, but here’s the list: Meats Meier is doing a Dozo video A Queen B DVD is in production There’s a Suicide Girls interview available There will be interviews and/or reviews in the December issues of Spin and Rolling Stone V is for Vagina will be available in vinyl, possibly as soon as 6 weeks.