Opiate 21st Anniversary

Opiate Reissue arriving soon!

Word from nxrm in the forums today was that he received his copy of the Opiate 21st Anniversary reissue. His was ordered via Toolarmy, so I’d expect fellow soldiers to receive theirs in the coming days (or weeks if you are outside of the US). No word on if standard orders were mailed at the same time (I suspect some are still to be sent) – I guess we’ll find… Read More »Opiate Reissue arriving soon!

Danny and Adam Opiate interviews with Blair online

There hasn’t been an announcement, but several Fourtheye readers have notified me that both Adam’s and Danny’s interview with Blair have been published. The one with Adam appears in the last newsletter on Toolband. It’s largely a reprint of what has already been talked about in other interviews. Danny’s, found on his website, is a little more interesting, and he talks about his work on Opiate and hints at some… Read More »Danny and Adam Opiate interviews with Blair online

Toolarmy Opiate Presale on now

Toolarmy members wanting to order a copy of the Opiate Reissue can do so now. Four of the five varieties are still available at time of posting, and the cost is $150 each. Going by the photos, the only difference between versions seems to be what I think are the certificates of authenticity, the pose of the “Priest” on one of the cards and the CD colour. Sales don’t seem… Read More »Toolarmy Opiate Presale on now

Tool Opiate 21st Anniversary Reissue: What we know!

Blair posted a few further details shortly about the Tool Opiate reissue, and I thought I’d take the time to summarise what we already know: The Opiate reissue will feature new artwork from Adi Granov, a few other extra items pertaining to the new art design (Adam mentioned stickers and stereoscopic art), and a certificate of authenticity. All of the copies of Opiate will be signed by the current members… Read More »Tool Opiate 21st Anniversary Reissue: What we know!

Opiate Toolarmy sale and the Seal of Xatanitos

Badkittygothgirl posted this morning this little snippet she noticed from a Revolver article regarding the Opiate reissue: The packages will only be available via Tool’s website (www.toolband.com) on Mar. 26 with the band setting aside a small number of packages (200 of each variation) for Toolarmy members. Toolarmy members will be able to purchase on Mar. 22 via Toolarmy.com. Good news for Toolarmy members. Presumably we’ll know the price of… Read More »Opiate Toolarmy sale and the Seal of Xatanitos

Opiate reissue to be signed?

A new photo Adam posted on Instagram today suggests that the Opiate reissue will be signed by all members of the band. Presumably all 5000. Edit: According to Danny on Children of Saturn today it appears 2000 are signed. I bet their hands were so sore afterwards they couldn’t bring themselves to writing any new songs! Bastards!

Adam explains the Opiate 21st Anniversary re-issue

Revolver published an interview today with Adam regarding the 21st Anniversary Edition of Opiate. He goes into more detail about the recording and politics of the album, as well as the new artwork being created for it. He also mentions that there are no bonus tracks: Overall, how does Opiate hold up for you 21 years after its release? It’s kinda like a time machine. It takes you back to… Read More »Adam explains the Opiate 21st Anniversary re-issue

Opiate 21st Anniversary Edition hits the printers

How excited are you for the upcoming 21st Anniversary edition of Opiate? Exited enough to watch it being printed? If the answer is yes then today is your lucky day! Post not to long ago on the Tool Facebook page. No further details yet, but it looks as though the packaging is quite large – I expect similar to the size of the Salival package. Doesn’t look big enough to… Read More »Opiate 21st Anniversary Edition hits the printers

February Tool Newsletter released

Blair has published the February 2013 Tool Newsletter, and it contains an interview with Opiate reissue artist Adi Granov. Here’s a snippet: Q: First off, how did you get involved with the cover artwork for the 21st anniversary release of Opiate? A: Adam and I met last year, and he was already familiar with my work, so we started talking about collaborating on various things. At some point some artwork… Read More »February Tool Newsletter released

Opiate 21st Anniversary Edition to be released?

A post on the Tool Facebook page is claiming that they will release a new 21st Anniversary Edition of their first EP Opiate. Here are the details: TOOL will release a handcrafted, bonus-laden, limited edition package of their original debut EP, Opiate, on Mar. 26 to mark the 21st anniversary of the six-song release. The anniversary edition is limited to 5,000 copies and features art direction by Adam Jones, illustrations… Read More »Opiate 21st Anniversary Edition to be released?