Fourtheye Weekly Update 29-Jan-2018

It’s time for another weekly update from our irregular schedule.  I’ve skipped the last few, due to the relative frequency of Tool news lately, with both Adam and Danny indicating in recent weeks that things are happening.  I’m sure you’ve all read that before – let’s wait until they actually confirm hitting the studio before getting too excited. Anyway, in this weeks issue: Justin plays some riffs at NAMM Danny… Read More »Fourtheye Weekly Update 29-Jan-2018

Danny’s new signature cymbal

I noticed the other day on Facebook following one of the San Francisco sows that someone commented Danny Carey was playing with a new cymbal. Well on the Tool Facebook page today (and presumably soon on Toolband) this seems to be confirmed with a photo of him holding a interesting purple cymbal from Paiste: here’s a photo of his NEW SIGNATURE PAISTE CYMBAL, which features, among other sigils, Elizabethan Magus… Read More »Danny’s new signature cymbal

Danny features in Paiste Magazine

As Blair promised, Danny has featured in the latest Paiste Magazine, where he talks about a range of drumming, Volto! and Tool topics: So, you guys are back in writing mode right now? Yes…Justin, Adam & I are working on some stuff and Maynard will join us in another month or so, once he finished up with his ‘other band’. We’d like to get in the studio by May or… Read More »Danny features in Paiste Magazine