Pigmy Love Circus

Pigmy Love Circus – features Danny

Danny’s guest spot on Children of Saturn

It was at short notice, but Danny was the guest on today’s Children of Saturn radio show, which I was lucky enough to hear most of today. The show has been on a break for a couple of months, but started up again this morning and should be back to normal, hopefully with some interesting guests in the coming weeks. Danny played a range of cool tunes, and spoke about… Read More »Danny’s guest spot on Children of Saturn

Pigmy Love Circus gig August 4 @ the Dragonfly, LA

As hinted at on a Reddit post I was reading, Pigmy Love Circus (with Danny on drums in case you’ve forgotten!) are coming out of their drug induced coma and doing a gig in Los Angeles in August, and after a bit of searching I managed to come across this post for the gig: The gig is happening at the Dragonfly in Los Angeles on Saturday the 4th of August.… Read More »Pigmy Love Circus gig August 4 @ the Dragonfly, LA

Volto! gig, Pigmy pictures, ‘Busy” band members

Blair posted several updates to Toolband/Army today.  The first lot where a bunch of pictures from the recent Pigmy Love Circus gig.  Some nice work there with several shots take by Danny‘s girlfriend Rynne.  Toolarmy members get a close up of Danny in action. Also mentioned is that there is a Volto! gig coming up on Friday the 6th of March at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood.  Blair mentions it… Read More »Volto! gig, Pigmy pictures, ‘Busy” band members

Meshuggah Live DVD, Pigmy Love Circus

According to a recent post on Blabbermouth, Meshuggah will be releasing a live DVD later on this year, and will also be recording an album for release in 2010. Danny’s other band, Pigmy Love Circus are playing a gig tonight with bands Sturgeon, Sextapes and Hectors Revenge at the Key Club in Hollywood.  Sounds like fun if you can make it!

Pigmy Love Circus Live!

Pigmy Love Circus play a rare live show in February with bands Sextapes (featuring Chris Pitman) and Sturgeon (featuring Kent Brisley), all of who apparently played in a band in Kansas called Ibizabar.  The gig will be held at the Keyclub Hollywood on February 4th.  First 50 through the door get a free Sturgeon CD!

Pigmy Love Circus return!

Mad_Sweeny616 from Toolarmy posts that the mighty Pigmy Love Circus (featuring Danny on drums) will be playing with Killing Joke at the House of Blues (LA I presume) on the 9th of October.  If you can, you should definitely go!

Danny Says….

Tigran contacted me the other day, saying he ran into Danny at a Jazz Show at the La Ve Lee club in LA. Apparently, Danny suggested the Pigmy Love Circus may be doing some stuff in the next few months (possible some shows and/or recording) before Tool start up again in April. Tigran presumed this meant more shows, but I guess in light of recent news it means they may… Read More »Danny Says….

Chet Zar on Alterati

Today’s post on Alterati features an interview with long-time Tool collaborator Chet Zar.   He discusses several aspects of his art in the lead up to a could of shows featuring his work.  The second part of the Pigmy Love Circus interview can also be found on the site.

Triumph, Notes from the Crew

Blair tells us that Mike Savage from Pigmy Love Circus has triumphed over hs bout of throat cancer.  Apparently he’s ready for his next challenge, which I’m sure some hope is a new Pigmy’s album. The Notes From The Crew section in Toolarmy finally got a start today, and it’s been revealed that Eric, the bands stage manager is writing it.  In his first post he talks about how Tool’s… Read More »Triumph, Notes from the Crew