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Tool Attorney Alan Jones

Not the prominent Aussie asshole Alan Jones, but the brother of Adam; Alan Jones happens to be Tool‘s attorney. You can read about his work and how he is related to Tool on his website, but recently Redzorg of Toolarmy posted this snippet on one of the boards there: Tools’ attorney is adams brother alan. and he is the one fighting to get the dvd released in the way in… Read More »Tool Attorney Alan Jones

June 2008 Newsletter

As promised, Blair released the June 2008 newsletter, and this time it contains some “details” of what’s up in the Tool world. Head over to Toolband/Army to read it, but here’s my summary. Adam is: working on some undisclosed entertainment industry related project? Guitar Hero perhaps? also involved in the construction of some future band-related endeavor. Building a recording studio perhaps? Spending time playing Halo 3 and watching Baseball games… Read More »June 2008 Newsletter

Poll Results: Which Tool album has the best sound?

The last poll asked which Tool album you think has the best sound. Not surprisingly Lateralus took the winners place, with 10,000 Days running a distant second. Unsurprisingly, not a single person selected Opiate! Personally, I think 10,000 Days has a much better sound that Lateralus, which I feel is sometimes a little to clean and crisp. Personally I prefer the dirtier sounds of 10,000 Days and Aenima to Lateralus,… Read More »Poll Results: Which Tool album has the best sound?

Good News, Bad News

Well today I have good news and bad news for you all.  Lets start with the good.  According to a recent MTV interview with Maynard at the Grammys, he claims that Tool will “start writing the new Tool record right away”.  Nice to have a short turnaround for a change.  If this is the case the I’d say we can expect a new album in about 12 months time. The… Read More »Good News, Bad News

Poll Results: How do you rate the Vicarious video?

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It’s been almost a month since I started this poll, so I guess a change is in order! Anyway, it appears there are quite mixed feelings about the Vicarious video. Lots of you think it’s the best, or better than most, but there’s also a quite large amount that consider it to be worst than most. Personally, i like the video, though it doesn’t rank above Parabola or Aenima, both… Read More »Poll Results: How do you rate the Vicarious video?

Rolling Stone’s Top 25 Videos of 2007

The video for Tool’s Vicarious has appeared in the Rolling Stone Top 25 videos for 2007.  Other videos that I like that made the list include Bjork, Battles, Kanye West, Nine Inch Nails and The White Stripes.

Vicarious DVD Review

I received my copy of the Vicarious DVD one Tuesday, and after watching all the of the various parts of it, I felt it was about time to share my opinion with you all. If any of you want to share your thoughts on the DVD, feel free to comment below. I may well put a poll up at some point in the next few days too. The Vicarious DVD… Read More »Vicarious DVD Review

3D Goggles Order

It seems as though there’s some of you interested in getting some 3D Goggles from Colour Code. You can’t buy them individually from the Colour Code 3D website, but you can get packs of 4, 8 or 12, and then bigger packs of 50, 100 and 200. I doubt there’s enough interest for one of the bigger packs, but I’d be happy to order one of the smaller ones, and… Read More »3D Goggles Order

Vicarious Video in 3D

Many of us have speculated that the Vicarious video is in 3D, and Peter sent me a lengthy message explaining that it is, and how it works: First and foremost: Stereoscopic and real dynamic 3D is NOT the same. Do NOT view the Vicarious video with your 10,000 Days glasses!!! Now it’s time to do a little research on 3D, Anaglyph, Stereoscopic. I highly suggest that everyone take a look… Read More »Vicarious Video in 3D

Poll Results:What part of the Vicarious DVD are you looking forward to the most?

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Last week I asked what part of the Vicarious DVD were you looking forward to the most.  Unsurprisingly most of you wanted to see the video first and foremost, though many of you I think really hoped there was some live footage on the DVD.  I think it’s been pretty well concluded that there is no such footage. Personally I looked forward to the documentary the most.  As much as… Read More »Poll Results:What part of the Vicarious DVD are you looking forward to the most?