Robert Fripp

A Perfect Circle track recorded? Newsletter + Tool goodies on Ebay

According to a recent tweet by Antiquiet (and also on Billy Howerdel’s Facebook so I hear): Maynard and I just got done tracking some vocal for a new APC song Hopefully this means we’ll see a new A Perfect Circle track sometime in the not too distant future. As I posted a few days ago the December Newsletter was just released.  Now I’ve had a chance to read it, here’s… Read More »A Perfect Circle track recorded? Newsletter + Tool goodies on Ebay

Adam & Robert Fripp to continue recording

AcousticPhenomena emailed me today to let me know about and interesting snippet he found on Robert Fripp’s website: A fabbo lunch with Adam covering a wide range of common interests & experiencing, among which: the possibilities of continuing our album, begun in Los Angeles some 5-6 years ago; and go out speaking together. Should be an interesting album should it actually happen.  This sounds promising, though I’m sure many would… Read More »Adam & Robert Fripp to continue recording

January Tool Newsletter

Not sure how long it’s been on the site, but the January Tool Newsletter is now available on Toolband and Toolarmy.  It’s really just a bit of a recap of Tool-related news over the last couple of months, confirming that Tool aren’t doing much at the moment, and that Danny, Adam and Justin are all abroad (or have been) and that Maynard is busy with Puscifer and Caduceus stuff.

Adam Jones Names Top 10 Guitarists

Guitar World has a new article on it’s website featuring a top 10 guitarist list by Adam Jones.  He talks about the guitarists he finds most influential, with some obvious references (King Buzzo, Robert Fripp) to the not so obvious (Dr. Know and Ronald Jones).  Check it out here!