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Maynard Biography Interviews

Interviews are starting to appear online in support of the new Maynard James Keenan  authorised biography A Perfect Union of Contrary Things.  For your consideration today are an interesting interview with Rolling Stone magazine, and a Podcast. In Rolling Stone, Maynard answers a range of questions which I suspect broadly preview the content of the book.  The key point I take from this is that we shouldn’t be expecting it to… Read More »Maynard Biography Interviews

Maynard discusses Biography with Rolling Stone

There’s a new interview with Maynard James Keenan today, this time with Rolling Stone who speak to him regarding the biography coming out next year. It’s an interesting read, here’s a snippet: Can you give me the backstory on this book? How did it come about? One of my best friends in high school, we’re still close, his sister’s a writer, she’s 10 years older than we are; she’s kind… Read More »Maynard discusses Biography with Rolling Stone

Waiting for new Tool music is as tedious for Maynard as it is Tool fans

As is the norm, Tool news arrived while I wasn’t able to post it (this time in transit between Indonesia and Australia), so I apologise for the slight delay getting this article online. Anyway, Maynard spoke with Rolling Stone recently (not sure how recently) where he talks about writing with his fellow Tool members as a tedious process: “I don’t write the music. They write the music,” he says of… Read More »Waiting for new Tool music is as tedious for Maynard as it is Tool fans

Volto!’s Incitare now streaming

Volto!’s debut album Incitare is now streaming via the Rolling Stone website. It goes on sale via Amazon and iTunes very soon, and presumably physical media will be on sale early in August. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Tool & Justin feature in meaningless polls

Here at Fourtheye we love robust debates, and nothing triggers mass debates like internet polls.  In this weeks edition we have two polls. The first is from Music Radar where readers have voted on the Top 25 bass lines of all time.  Justin’s work in Schism comes in at 10th position.  Here’s the whole list: Hysteria – Muse (Chris Wolstenholme) YYZ – Rush (Geddy Lee) Another One Bites The Dust… Read More »Tool & Justin feature in meaningless polls

More A Perfect Circle show details

A few more details have come in regarding the just announced APC shows: The band itself will include Maynard, Billy, Josh Freese, James Iha and Matt McJunkins (Ashes Divide, Puscifer).  According to a recent Rolling Stone interview (more on that later) Paz, Troy and Jeordie have also been invited and may appear at some shows. Live Nation has dates up for the Las Vegas shows (the 20th and 21st of… Read More »More A Perfect Circle show details

Rolling Stone interviews Maynard

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Maynard reveals that Tool are considering playing some new material on the road: While the band isn’t touring behind any new material — its last album was 2006’s 10,000 Days — the frontman says Tool are quietly working on a new disc that’ll be released "when it’s ready." But they’re considering testing out some new material live. "We’re always writing," Keenan says. "If… Read More »Rolling Stone interviews Maynard

APC on Guitar Hero 5, Atlanta change

A couple of readers emailed me to let me know that A Perfect Circle will be appearing on Guitar Hero 5.  Details of this news and other bands announced can be found at Rolling Stone.  No word on what track will appear, but I’d put my money on it being Judith. A couple of tour changes were announced on Toolband today.  Firstly the Atlanta show which appeared to have a… Read More »APC on Guitar Hero 5, Atlanta change

Adam Jones talks Guitar Hero

Haven’t watched this yet, but apparently this Rolling Stone video interview features Adam talking about his involvement in Guitar Hero. Thanks to Nathan for the tip! Note: The video doesn’t seem to work in Firefox. IE and Google Chrome seem to handle it fine. Could be Adblock or something interfering. Who knows….