Gold Coast Poster/Shirt

Jujano kindly shared with me a pic of the Gold Coast Big Day Out shirt he purchased.  Poster is the same:   Update 2: Just as I post this, the Big Day Out site has published this on and the Brisbane one, which I must say looks fucking awesome: Update 2: And so Toolband doesn’t miss out on the action they just posted the Auckland poster:

Tool LA Dates confirmed

Toolband has confirmed the LA dates, listing only two of them: the 18th and 19th of July.  Tickets for these shows go on sale this Friday the 25th at 10am.  No word on what happens to tickets previously sold, my guess is that Ticketmaster will contact the fans who purchased them and let them know what will happen.  Also no mention of the date on the 21st.  Presumably this has… Read More »Tool LA Dates confirmed

Tool Limited Edition Shirts, Tour Update

According to a recent post on Toolband, there will be 100 Limited Edition shirts featuring concert specific artwork at each show.  No word yet on the cost and sizes available but I hope to have more info from Fourtheye readers soon.  Here’s the Cedar Park shirt: In other news, reports so far suggest Wovenhand are indeed supporting, at least in New Orleans. So much for the fansites being wrong! Also… Read More »Tool Limited Edition Shirts, Tour Update

Toolarmy Store gets an update

Chris emailed me today to let me know that the Toolarmy store has had an update recently.  Even better news is that there are a couple of new designs in the shirts section.  Well, at least a couple I don’t recognize anyway. Just to comment a little, I don’t think this is any indication of a new site.  it just looks to me like they’ve installed a shopping cart app… Read More »Toolarmy Store gets an update

Fourtheye Shirts Coming Soon!

I’ve had a few emails over the last couple of days in regards to the Fourtheye Fuck Blair! shirt I alluded to the other day.  I posted a link to a shirt printing site called Printfection, and after studying them and their prices for a while, have decided they aren’t the company for Fourtheye.  The main sticking point, was despite their excellent shop and product selection services, the deliver price… Read More »Fourtheye Shirts Coming Soon!