Tour Poll Results

Last weeks poll asked who who you would prefer see Tool tour with again. This options ai gave were made up of artists Tool have toured with in the last couple of tours. I was somewhat surprised to see King Crimson win the poll. I knew they were popular amongst Tool fans but didn’t expect them to win the poll. I voted for Tomahawk based pretty much on the fact… Read More »Tour Poll Results

Tomahawk in 2007, Fantômas Later

Some news regarding the bands Tomahawk and Fantômas was posted on Toolarmy by Bastardometer earlier today.  It seems as though the new Tomahawk CD is coming eventually, and that the guys hope to record by the end of the year.  The reason for the delay has been Patton’s commitments to Peeping Tom.  The new CD is said to consist of versions of public domain Native American songs.  Lipan Conjuring anyone?… Read More »Tomahawk in 2007, Fantômas Later

Jelvins, Melvins, Tomahawk and TMOC

Some non-Tool news for a change. There’s a relatively interesting, if a little short interview with Jello Biafra here, where he talks about his involvement with the Melvins. It boes on to mention that Adam Jones plays on half of the tracks on the new CD Sieg Howdy! are reporting that the Melvins are releasing a ‘new’ version of Houdini in the near future. Also, Peeping Tom for mid-2006.… Read More »Jelvins, Melvins, Tomahawk and TMOC

Hey Joe!

It’s Joe’s (presumably Joe Baressi) birthday today, August 16th according to Toolband so I thought I’d share with you all an interview with ex-Helmet/Tomahawk/Mark of Cain drummer John Stanier, where he talks (amongst other things) about Joe’s recording techniques. Enjoy! Is it a coincidence that Joe’s birthday is the same date as the alleged Teleincision (not that it ever happened, surprise surprise!).

Slow News Week

Not much new stuff to post about at the moment, so I’ve done some digging and come up with 3 interesting things: 1. Hidden away in Blair‘s profile on Toolarmy are some posts talking about having a meeting with Tool in the next week, and working on having a new Web-Chat, as well as updating Toolarmy. As usual I’m not getting my hopes up about a Toolarmy update just yet,… Read More »Slow News Week