Tool BDO Tour 2011

Tool Revisited part 3: Big Day Out 2011 Tour

Just over a year ago, Tool took to the stage for a series of shows in Australia and New Zealand as part of the Big Day Out Festival as well as a brief stopover in Hawaii.   At the time I started writing an article covering the events of the tour, but never got around to publishing it.  Since Tool have just completed a Winter tour of North America, I thought… Read More »Tool Revisited part 3: Big Day Out 2011 Tour

Tool Big Day Out Posters

I’ve dropped a few hints in the forums in regards to Tool Big Day Out Posters possibly being available online following the tour, and tonight I received the news that this is indeed the case.  Melbourne printers Beyond The Pale printed all of the posters for the 2011 tour (excluding Hawaii I think) and the leftovers, all unsigned are available from their website. Limited quantities from the Melbourne side show,… Read More »Tool Big Day Out Posters

January Tool Newsletter

One last post before I hit the road – Blair has posted the January Newsletter on Toolband, which contains plenty of references to the current tour.  It’s full of spoilers for those who are yet to see them live so consider yourself warned!

On The Road

Well, the time has come for me to hit the road and check out a couple of Tool shows.  As a result I’ll be largely offline the next couple of days, however via the wonders of mobile technology I will probably tweet now and then. The first A Perfect Circle gig in the USA for 2011 has just been announced at the Rock On The Range Festival in Ohio.  As… Read More »On The Road

Brisbane Tool Review, Tool Twats, Sydney Posters

Andrew from The Vine emailed me today a nice review he did of the Tool show in Brisbane last night.  I won’t post any details here in order to avoid spoiling things for those trying to remain in the dark, but if you want more detail on the show last night then take a look at the review thread in our forum. In other news Maynard appears to have convinced… Read More »Brisbane Tool Review, Tool Twats, Sydney Posters

Gold Coast Poster/Shirt

Jujano kindly shared with me a pic of the Gold Coast Big Day Out shirt he purchased.  Poster is the same:   Update 2: Just as I post this, the Big Day Out site has published this on and the Brisbane one, which I must say looks fucking awesome: Update 2: And so Toolband doesn’t miss out on the action they just posted the Auckland poster:

Note regarding setlists

As with the last tour, in order to protect that who wish to be kept surprised by the set list, there will be a strict rule against posting them.  I have created and official thread for each show, and this thread is the only one that I will accept set lists be posted in.  Set lists posted elsewhere will be deleted without question, and repeat offenders face getting banned. The… Read More »Note regarding setlists

Queensland Floods…

As some of you know, many residents of the state of Queensland are being bombarded with record levels of rain and flooding.  In the last few weeks there have been 29 deaths associated with the flooding, including at least 12 in the recent flash flooding in the Lockyer Valley, and there are many more missing.  On top of this is the infrastructure damage that comes with such widespread water, and… Read More »Queensland Floods…