Tool Revisited

Tool Revisited part 3: Big Day Out 2011 Tour

Just over a year ago, Tool took to the stage for a series of shows in Australia and New Zealand as part of the Big Day Out Festival as well as a brief stopover in Hawaii.   At the time I started writing an article covering the events of the tour, but never got around to publishing it.  Since Tool have just completed a Winter tour of North America, I thought… Read More »Tool Revisited part 3: Big Day Out 2011 Tour

Tool Revisited part 2: Tool Covers

The next edition of Tool Revisited is written by Fourtheye and Toolnavy regular Kanaduh.  He found the time to find a few interesting covers from Youtube and write about the for our pleasure.  Bear in mind that my views don’t necessarily reflect those of the writer!  If you’d like to contribute to this series, then feel free to email me and let me know what you’d like to write about.… Read More »Tool Revisited part 2: Tool Covers

Tool Revisited part 1: Divorced

Tool Revisited is a series of articles dedicated to analysing, and discussing a Tool related topic, be it a song, album, show, side project or anything really.  I plan on publishing one of these every week or so, and hopefully it may fill in some gaps in your own Tool knowledge, or even just generate some interesting conversation.  If anyone has any ideas for future topics (or even wants to… Read More »Tool Revisited part 1: Divorced