New Tool Website

Looks like Tool have made the switch this morning from their old Toolband site to the new Full Screen Direct service.  There seem to be a number of problems (a few usability issues, some 404’s invalid SSL certificates) but otherwise seems to work for the most part.  I haven’t had much of a chance to delve into the social aspect of the site, or the Toolarmy “bits” so will render… Read More »New Tool Website

ToolArmy updates announced

With the Tool Fall 2016 tour dates just announced, it seems as though ToolArmy is also getting an update of sorts.  For now, it seems that the Toolband/Army store has been updated to use the Full Screen Direct framework, with new members able to join for an annual fee of US$49.99. This fee includes: 1 Year Membership 2 Stickers 1 Patch 1 Keychain 1 Membership Certificate Membership T-Shirt From memory… Read More »ToolArmy updates announced

Four more shows added to Tool USA Tour 2016

There have been four more Tool shows added to the 2016 USA tour. The New Orleans show which was leaked by Ticketmaster has now been confirmed, and shows in Houston, St Louis and Kansas City have also been added. VIP sessions for each of these shows will also be available to Toolarmy members: Update: The Houston show will go on sale on Saturday the 5th of December. Update 2: The… Read More »Four more shows added to Tool USA Tour 2016

Toolarmy Exclusive Custom Framed Wall Art Piece

There’s a new Toolarmy exclusive merch item availalbe for purchase for those with deep pockets: ToolArmy members will be given the first chance to purchase a LIMITED EDITION custom FRAMED TOOL WALL ART PEICE. HAND NUMBERED and SIGNED by ALL FOUR MEMBERS of the band, these pine WOOD frames (measuring 18″ X 24″) come in your choice of a MATTE BLACK FINISH or GLOSS BLACK FINISH. Strictly LIMITED TO ONLY… Read More »Toolarmy Exclusive Custom Framed Wall Art Piece

VIP packages available now!

VIP Packages for the Eugene, Portland and San Francisco Tool shows are now available on Toolarmy for members. They are $500 per person. They’re all still available at time of writing, but if your wallet can handle it don’t waste too much time. The three shows will then go on sale via Toolband tomorrow to non-members, presuming there are some left. VIP tickets for the other two shows go on… Read More »VIP packages available now!

Toolarmy Opiate Presale on now

Toolarmy members wanting to order a copy of the Opiate Reissue can do so now. Four of the five varieties are still available at time of posting, and the cost is $150 each. Going by the photos, the only difference between versions seems to be what I think are the certificates of authenticity, the pose of the “Priest” on one of the cards and the CD colour. Sales don’t seem… Read More »Toolarmy Opiate Presale on now

Tool Opiate 21st Anniversary Reissue: What we know!

Blair posted a few further details shortly about the Tool Opiate reissue, and I thought I’d take the time to summarise what we already know: The Opiate reissue will feature new artwork from Adi Granov, a few other extra items pertaining to the new art design (Adam mentioned stickers and stereoscopic art), and a certificate of authenticity. All of the copies of Opiate will be signed by the current members… Read More »Tool Opiate 21st Anniversary Reissue: What we know!

Opiate Toolarmy sale and the Seal of Xatanitos

Badkittygothgirl posted this morning this little snippet she noticed from a Revolver article regarding the Opiate reissue: The packages will only be available via Tool’s website ( on Mar. 26 with the band setting aside a small number of packages (200 of each variation) for Toolarmy members. Toolarmy members will be able to purchase on Mar. 22 via Good news for Toolarmy members. Presumably we’ll know the price of… Read More »Opiate Toolarmy sale and the Seal of Xatanitos

Salival, Lateralus and 10,000 Days webcasts now available

Parabolateralus posted in the Fourtheye forums this morning links to three Tool webcasts recorded with Tool in the leadup to Salival, Lateralus and 10,000 Days. From memory these were recorded for Toolarmy members, and have since been lost in the ether (except for the 10,000 Days one, which is still there). Anyway, if you have a spare couple of hours free, and I know you do, then take a listen… Read More »Salival, Lateralus and 10,000 Days webcasts now available