Tool August 2011 Newsletter

Ok _________’s, Blair recently put out the August Tool Newsletter.  It’s reasonably short, and only really contains a couple of Tool snippets, the most important probably being: (in regards to the new Tool album) Just when things were rolling along at the loft with the writing and arranging sessions (and what I’ve heard so far sounds truly great!) And: Also, things are looking good for the new Tool website… as… Read More »Tool August 2011 Newsletter

June Tool Newsletter

June has come quickly this year, and with it comes the next Tool newsletter. Get your decoder rings and/or Taco Bell discount vouchers out! Blair fields a few questions I’m sure some of you will find interesting, including an update of sorts on the status of the Tool website: Q: “Hey Blair, how are you? As you mentioned you keep getting mostly ‘when the f**k is the new album going… Read More »June Tool Newsletter

News from the interwebs

There have been a few small things happening on the web that may interest you Fourtheye readers.  Here we go: Maynard gave us a short Puscifer update on the Puscifer website of all places: V is for Vagina HAPPY V DAY! 02/14/11: Lot’s Brewing behind the curtain. Working on new tunes, new vids, new trinkets, and a new show for the Fall. Updates to follow. All of HuntingtonSt’s Youtube videos… Read More »News from the interwebs

Tool sales wrap-up, APC do Arizona

Ticket sales for the two side shows have now pretty much wrapped up, with Melbourne sold out, and Brisbane being close to it – at time of writing there were some silver tickets only left, all single seats.  Ticketek sales for the Brisbane show went pretty smoothly, and Ticketmaster for Melbourne not so.  My experience this morning with Ticketmaster was that at about 9:00:15 there were only GA tickets left,… Read More »Tool sales wrap-up, APC do Arizona

Tool Pre-Sales opening soon

Just in case you’ve forgotten, Tool pre-sales start in about 20 minutes in Melbourne, and then about an hour later in Brisbane. You should already have the details via Toolarmy or your ticketing agent. As we all know by now, this pre-sale isn’t very exclusive. I get the feeling todays sale won’t end well for many. A few people have reported that Ticketmaster is already slow. Unfortunately I don’t have… Read More »Tool Pre-Sales opening soon

Pre-sale FAQ

I’ve had about 20 or so emails today asking about the pre-sales, so in an attempt to try and minimize the amount of time I spend logged into Gmail, here’s a compilation of what little we know about the presales.  As more information comes to hand I’ll try and keep this post updated. UPDATE Pre-sale details, which include a link and password to the sales are now up on Toolarmy.… Read More »Pre-sale FAQ

Pre-sales confirmed

Blair has confirmed that there will be a Toolarmy pre-sale for both Australian side shows.  Details will be posted before tickets go on sale, which is at 12:00pm on the 4th of November.  Technically 12:00pm is lunchtime by the way, so I presume it’s then and not midnight.  I hope this gets clarified, as I’d rather no stay up until midnight the night before unless I have to…

Tool June 2010 Newsletter

Blair just published the June 2010 Newsletter on Toolband.  It’s a pretty short and straight forward one talking mainly about the tour.  Interesting thing to note is that: Apparently the band listed on various Tool fansites as the support isn’t correct.  We’ll see in under 24 hours if Wovenhand are really playing I guess.  We should know who will be supporting all the shows by Monday. He doesn’t know what… Read More »Tool June 2010 Newsletter

Tool Store now open

Prepare your wallets!  The official Tool store on Toolband & Toolarmy is now open.  It appears to be the same in both locations (no exclusive Toolarmy stuff yet) and it can be accessed directly from here.

Justin & Shelee Married At Last

It’s been confirmed that Justin and Shelee finally got married despite Wikipedia’s claim that they were already were.  The event happened in St Lucia in the Caribbean on the 21st of May I believe.  Pics of the event (including other members of Tool can be found and Toolband, and for a change there’s some exclusive pics on Toolarmy!  Anyway, congratulations from everyone at Fourtheye, and I hope they enjoy an… Read More »Justin & Shelee Married At Last