V is for Vagina

D is for Dubby

Oldesch on Toolarmy tells me that there is a new Puscifer remix album available on Puscifer.com called D is for Dubby. This album contains nine tracks all remixed by Lustmord: Dub remixes from “V is for Vagina” by the elusive O.G. Goth legend, LUSTMORD. Lot’s of Dub out there in the world. Some of it is actually done correctly. Lustmord is one of the few who do it right. Turn… Read More »D is for Dubby

Maynard on Sirius First Wave

Kadoka tells me that according to the Puscifer Asylum: Maynard will be guest host on Sirius internet radio channel First Wave 22 tonight (Sunday, 4-27) at 7pm PST time/10pm EST Featuring remixes of: Momma Sed Vagina Mine Trekka Indigo Children Sour Grapes Sirius has a free three day trial with no credit card required, for those who want to listen tonight and don’t have a Sirius membership. Also, in case… Read More »Maynard on Sirius First Wave

V is for Viagra Tracklist, Team Puscifer

According to Team Puscifer’s Asylum, the tracklisting forPuscifer‘s V is for Viagra will be: Available April 29th on Puscifer Entertainment. Tracklisting: 1: Indigo Children “JLE Dub” mix by Josh Eustis (Telefon Televiv). 2: Trekka “Desert Porn” mix by Lustmord. 3: Momma Sed “Tandimonium” mix by Dave “Rave” Ogilvie and Colin Janz. 4: Sour Grapes “Late for dinner” mix by Danny Lohner (NIN, Renholder). 5: Country Boner “Dirty Robot” mix by… Read More »V is for Viagra Tracklist, Team Puscifer

Maynard talks about V is Viagra

Straight from the Puscifer Myspace Blog: Just finished listening to the first ruff master for the V is for Viagra, remix collection. It’s so inspiring to hear how others musicians re-interpret these songs. Good times. There are for sure a few stand outs, but I won’t ruin it for you. Lots of stuff about to be hatched. The video for DoZo is almost done. Meats is chain chugging power drinks… Read More »Maynard talks about V is Viagra

V is for Viagra?

Several members of Toolarmy have mentioned that a new Puscifer remix album called V is for Viagra will be released on the 29th of April. This is news to me, and there’s no confirmation of this anywhere I can see, but I’d reckon it’s safe to assume there will be a remix album eventually. Update: Turns out it’s on the Coming Soon section of the Puscifer website. Here are the… Read More »V is for Viagra?

Puscifer Update

According to a recent post on Maynard‘s Myspace site, the Queen B DVD will be available on Tuesday, and is a limited edition so don’t delay in ordering it (presumably from the Puscifer website?).  No word as to what’s on the DVD apart from the Queen B video, but it’s safe to say there’s probably no live Tool tracks.  Meats Meier is continuing work on the Dozo video, and according… Read More »Puscifer Update

Maynard on Left of Center

According to Beckett from Toolarmy, Maynard will be appearing on the Sirius radio station Left of Center next week: MJK will be getting on the mic on his favorite radio station, Left of Center. Maynard will discuss everything from his wine vineyard to his thoughts on creativity and downloading to his new Puscifer album. He’ll also play and discuss every song from the new Puscifer record, V Is For Vagina,… Read More »Maynard on Left of Center

Puscifer Updates

Maynard posted a Puscifer Update on his Myspace site today.  Not much we don’t already know, but here’s the list: Meats Meier is doing a Dozo video A Queen B DVD is in production There’s a Suicide Girls interview available There will be interviews and/or reviews in the December issues of Spin and Rolling Stone V is for Vagina will be available in vinyl, possibly as soon as 6 weeks.

Poll Results: How do you rate V is for Vagina?

Last weeks poll asked what was your rating for V is for Vagina.  Generally the response to it seemed to be good, with far more positive votes than negative. Personally, I rated it as average.  While I enjoyed some of the tracks like Queen B and Trekka, most of them I felt were pretty forgettable.  I’m not sure that it’s an album I’ll be getting out to listen to time… Read More »Poll Results: How do you rate V is for Vagina?

Maynard on Suicide Girls

Badkittygothgirl from Toolarmy posted a like to a video interview done by Erin from the Suicide Girls where Maynard talks about the creative process behind Puscifer. Here’s the article: “Enigmatic is a misnomer. Most likely a byproduct of my absence in the press. An assumption arrived at due to the lack of available information, accurate or otherwise. I don’t do that many interviews. General because of my private life and… Read More »Maynard on Suicide Girls