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Vicarious DVD tracklisting

According to the tracklisting for the Vicarious DVD will be: “Vicarious” video – 8:47 Audio commentary by David Cross The Vicarious Documentary – 40:46 Story Boards – 1:17 “CoSM” (Alex and Allyson Grey Chapel of Sacred Mirrors) – 4:09 The cost of the DVD seems to be outrageously expensive on that website (NZ$29.95 excluding postage), so I would recommend shopping around before ordering there… Thanks to Matthew for the… Read More »Vicarious DVD tracklisting

Vicarious DVD on Toolarmy

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The Vicarious DVD is available to order on Toolarmy for US$12.98 plus shipping.  I’ve already ordered mine from JB Hi-Fi, where it costs that much but in Australian dollars.  I’m sure there’s similar bargains to be found around the world.  Of course if you do order it from Toolarmy (and I would have if they hadn’t left it so late) then you may get a nice warm feeling knowing that… Read More »Vicarious DVD on Toolarmy

Holiday in San Francisco, 10000 DVDs?

According to Indacello, Jello Biafra joined Tool onstage last night in San Francisco for a version of Holiday in Cambodia.  Guests joining Tool this tour during lateralus include Sebastian from Trans Am, Dale from The Melvins, Cody from Big Business, Tim Alexander from Primus and Aaron from Isis.  Perhaps Tool should tour with The Mark of Cain while in Australia so John Stanier can join them on stage… According to… Read More »Holiday in San Francisco, 10000 DVDs?

Entheologue With Alex Grey

On December 21st at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, Alex Grey will be presenting a special  screening of Vicarious as well as a documentary of the making of the video.  Once again the Vicarious Video is a collaboration between Tool and Alex Grey, and I know there’s a lot of us out there very interested in the results. The session costs $25, and this includes an autographed copy of the… Read More »Entheologue With Alex Grey

DVD via CoSM, Tour Rumours

Just a couple of quickies for you. Firstly PlayingNaked showed me this piece of hidden (from my Gmail account anyway) info in the latest CoSM newsletter: Limited quantities of the TOOL VICARIOUS DVD signed by Alex Grey will be available as soon as we get them and will have the option to be shipped by FedEX in time for Christmas delivery. Please keep checking the websites for details. Secondly dickleiper… Read More »DVD via CoSM, Tour Rumours

Vicarious DVD Cover

Brandon emailed me to day to inform me that Amazon has an image of the Vicarious cover on it’s site. There’s also another review of the DVD on Amazon which again mentioned live footage. Rather than suggesting there’s a whole concert on it, it tells us that there’s live versions of Vicarious and Swamp Song from the shows in Las Vegas earlier this year. A couple of live tracks sounds… Read More »Vicarious DVD Cover

Some DVD Details on JJJ

TripleJ today posted some very brief details on the Vicarious DVD: Tool release Vicarious, which includes a documentary on the visual effects work used to make the music video, as well as lots more special features. Nothing we don’t already know… Word is that the Australian release date for this DVD is the 15th of December.

Vicarious DVD, Aussie Tour…

Indridcold on Toolarmy posted this today. Not sure how legit it is, but is fucking hope it’s true… THE LONG AWAITED DVD SINGLE ‘VICARIOUS’ FROM TOOL’S 10,000 DAYS ALBUM PRODUCT OVERVIEW – VICARIOUS – Extended 8 minute version – The startlingly creative music video for Vicarious, the massive first single from 2006’s 10,000 days, is presented for the first time in this short form DVD. – The DVD includes a… Read More »Vicarious DVD, Aussie Tour…