Vicarious DVD

Posts with information and/or rumours about the Vicarious DVD

Vicarious DVD Ad

Blair posted on Toolarmy this ad for the upcoming Vicarious DVD. In case you’ve forgotten, it’s out in the 18th of December.  For those that can’t see the picture, here’s a link to it. Upon examining the picture, it almost looks like there’s some green and red highlighting in it.  Anyone got some 3d glasses handy?

Adam’s Myspace

It looks like Adam has updated some stuff on his Myspace site.  Nothing too exciting, just a couple of pics of his work.  He also apparently had this to say: Hello Friends ____________________________________ _ _ _ I get lots of messages asking me to please update my page content. I have been super busy lately – touring, dealing with fires(*future Blog), fighting the good fight and fearing nothing. But right… Read More »Adam’s Myspace

Vicarious Video Details

Since the truth is now out there, I’ll reveal what I know about the Vicarious video.  It’s not much really.  Here’s a copy of the letter I was forwarded over a week ago now, and sworn to secrecy: Hello, It’s with great excitement that we announce Tool’s long-awaited “Vicarious” DVD, featuring the unreleased video “Vicarious” and other content, will be released December 18 2007. As always with Tool, exact packaging… Read More »Vicarious Video Details

Vicarous DVD in December

Looks like the rumours were true… Blair just posted: My friends, we can no longer hide the terrible truth. The holidays are rapidly approaching, and with them the NEW TOOL DVD/VIDEO for VICARIOUS is scheduled to be released on DECEMBER 18th (or 19th) and will include an EXTENDED CUT, lots of BONUS MATERIAL and, of course, SPECIAL PACKAGING. Here’s a sneak preview of a working still. The working still shows… Read More »Vicarous DVD in December

Vicarious DVD on the way?

Yaz on Toolarmy posts that Japanese retail is showing that a Vicarious DVD will be release on the 6th of September. No images or further information was made available, so your guess is as good as mine as to what actually appears. For those with short memories it was rumoured a while ago that the DVD may contain a Wings For Marie/10,000 Days video and/or some live footage.

Tour Dates, Vicarious Video Update

Blair‘s posted plenty of new tour dates on Toolband, including some East Coast US Dates, and some more European dates. Also confirmed was that Tool will be playing in Athens in December, though the venue is TBA. Apollo has blessed you. There’s been lots of interest in the Vicarious video, and when it would be released. In response to this, Chronographer on Toolarmy posted a link to an interview with… Read More »Tour Dates, Vicarious Video Update