Danny confirms that Tool remasters are in the works?

On Reddit the other day some chap called cptsweatpantz decided to start an online petition to get Tool to re-release their albums on vinyl.  A noble suggestion, however was met with the usual cries of “online polls don’t do shit!” – something I agree with despite signing anyway. Lo and behold the creator of the petition receives an email from Danny Carey (screenshot of which is below) in which he… Read More »Danny confirms that Tool remasters are in the works?

Volto! post details of limited vinyl release

It’s been a slow month for Tool fans, so here I am posting somewhat insignificant news about Tool related projects just to keep you guys coming and clicking ads. This weeks update is from John Z from Volto! who posted on Facebook details of limited vinyl release for their album Incitare: VOLTO!’s debut album “Incitare”….the 180gram audiophile vinyl double LP limited edition cover (1st run, only 1000 in embossed/veneered PURPLE,… Read More »Volto! post details of limited vinyl release

The Bride Screamed Adam

According to Blair, a very limited edition (only 100 copies) of The Melvins latest album The Bride Screamed Murder featuring artwork by Adam will go on sale here sometime tonight.  No word on what time it will be, so I expect you guys will spam the site and bring it down soon!  Good luck to potential buyers, limit is one per customer, and from memory the albums cost US$50 each… Read More »The Bride Screamed Adam

The Melvins release limited The Bride Screamed Murder vinyl

The Melvins, together with Amphetamine Reptile records have released a series of vinyl printed for the bands latest release The Bride Screamed Murder.  Here’s the blurb: You’ve been asking for ’em & you got it. Up for sale is the brand new Melvins vinyl LP for their "The Bride Screamed Murder" album. The pressing on this LP was limited to just 1000 copies & are in white vinyl that splattered… Read More »The Melvins release limited The Bride Screamed Murder vinyl

Lateralus Vinyl on Ebay

 Toolarmy member AChip has posted his signed copy of Lateralus on ebay, something he is sadly compelled to do due to financial considerations.  Anyone interested in getting a copy of the most limited of Tool releases, should check it out… Current bidding puts it at US$127.55.  Expect this to go up considerably…

Tool Vinyl: a new resource for Tool vinyl collectors

I received and email from Simon this morning who runs the website  Though personally I’m not much of a collector, this site seems to be a great resource for those of you who are in the hunt for sought after Tool vinyl.  Check it out!

10,000 Days Vinyl?

gnjasmkr send me a link today for an interesting item on Ebay. It is a copy of 10,000 Days on red vinyl.  I’ve never seen one of these personally, and will presume it’s some kind of bootleg for now, but it begs the question – is the “big thing” a release of 10,000 Days on vinyl? Edit: Link fixed!

Complete Set of Tool Vinyl for sale

Evildiscokid from Toolarmy has a complete set of sealed Tool and APC vinyl up for sale, and wants to avoid putting this up on Ebay.  If this sounds like the kind of thing you’d be interested in (not sure if he’s willing to split the collection at all) then let me know, and I’ll put you in touch with him.  Alternatively if you’re a Toolarmy member just PM him.

Signed Cesaro Summability on Ebay

Amer emailed me the other day, letting me know that he’s being forced to part with his signed copy of the “stupendously rare” (his words not mine!) Cesaro Summability picture disc.  Apparently only 25 of these signed items exist in the world, so for you die hard collectors this sounds like a great opportunity to open your wallets and grab a copy. Current bidding on Ebay puts it at $222… Read More »Signed Cesaro Summability on Ebay