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Greasy on Toolarmy today pointed out to us that there’s some more Signed Lateralus Vinyl on Ebay at the moment.  Bidding on this one starts at $300, and as I write this there have been no bids.  Here’s the link. The Tool Hotline woke up from their deep slumber to post a couple of things.  Firstly there’s this gallery of photos from a recent show in France. Secondly they mention… Read More »Signed Vinyl, Photos, Volto!, Isis

Mastodon, Signed Lateralus Vinyl, Music

Mastodon talk briefly about the tour with Tool on the AOL Music News Blog.  They also talk about appearing on the Conan O’Brien show.  Here’s the link. I received an email a few days ago from a TA member who is interested in obtaining a copy of the Signed Lateralus Vinyl.  They are obviously a little hesitant in purchasing over-priced, and potentially illegitimate items from Ebay.  Should anyone be wanting… Read More »Mastodon, Signed Lateralus Vinyl, Music

Lateralus “Platinum” Plaques

Just in case the Signed Lateralus Vinyl hasn’t burnt a big enough hole in your wallet, there is now a Lateralus “Platinum” Plaque available for Toolarmy members which celebrates Lateralus selling 1,000,000 copies. They’re not cheap though, at US$206.00 (plus US$16 postage to Australia, around $288 all up in Australian dollars), you’d better hope your credit cards aren’t maxed out…. It’s a limited edition apparently, though how limited we aren’t… Read More »Lateralus “Platinum” Plaques

Happy Halloween, Daily Grail

There’s several new posts on Toolband/Army detailing a recent Halloween Hollywood tour conducted by Camella, Blair and co. It’s an interesting read, but if you’re looking for Tool news, go elsewhere. There’s also a couple of pictures up as well. It was also revealed that some more Signed Lateralus Vinyl was released to celebrate Halloween. Not many were available apparently, and it seems as though they’re all gone. Well done… Read More »Happy Halloween, Daily Grail

Wisconsin Cancelled

According to Toolband/Army the Tool show tonight in Madison, WI has been cancelled again due to illness.  Presumably Maynard is still not 100%.  There’s no indication if there’ll be a make up show in this case either… Isis fans can feel a little better though, since due to the cancellation the guys will be playing at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago tonight (19th September).  Doors open at 9:30pm, and tickets… Read More »Wisconsin Cancelled

Isis Tour, Vinyl Trading

Mattia sent me this link today in which Aaron from Isis speaks to MTV. They talk about their tour plans, and how they hope to tour here in Australia later on this year. This suggests to me that they won’t be playing with Tool in January. Aaron also talks about the new CD In The Absence Of Truth, which you can preview by downloading the new song Dulcinea from Ipecac.… Read More »Isis Tour, Vinyl Trading

More Signed Vinyls on Ebay

A couple of Signed Lateralus Vinyls appeared on Ebay over the weekend.  One looks like I sold for a whopping US$850, the other is still on auction, currently 226 pounds.  What that equates to in real money who knows!  Anyway, if you’re in the market for a copy, and have the bank balance to cope with it, here’s the link. Sorry if posts are a little slow the next few… Read More »More Signed Vinyls on Ebay

Live Photo’s, Signed Vinyl on Ebay

Tom sent me a few live photos today, taken by his friend Karolina.  Here’s one of my favorites.  Stay tuned for the rest.  These photographs are copyright by Karolina Rokita & © 2006. Any redistribution of these photographs without the author’s permission is forbidden. You may download a copy for personal use only Fred emailed me this morning saying that he’s selling his Signed Lateralus Vinyl via Ebay.  Apparently he… Read More »Live Photo’s, Signed Vinyl on Ebay

Tour Dates

Tour dates for the US and Canada are up. These are just the confirmed ones, and Blair mentions there should be more coming soon, as well as some other things that should make certain people happy. Vicarious DVDs? More signed Vinyl? Aussie Tour dates? Limited Edition Belt Buckles? We’ll find out soon I suppose…. Hopefully for me, Tool will announce that it will be in Florida on or about the… Read More »Tour Dates