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At the end of my third straight listen to “10K Days” I am slightly more than
a little confused and somewhat depressed… and on the verge of shedding
tears.  Somehow I allowed myself to put so much of my emotion and being into
the anticipation of this new record thus resulting in the complete and utter
ruin of the experience I so desperately coveted over the last three years.
FUCK!!!  I am not saying this record sucks total balls by any means
whatsoever, it obviously rocks hard… however when I look back at “AEnima”
and “Lateralus” I see their art at its most sacred and its greatest
perfection.  How could they have the nerve to talk about the “last time”
(“Lateralus”) not being exactly what they wanted to do or how perhaps it was
lacking?  “It” was the ONLY conceivable follow up to “AEnima”.  I think what
happened was as Maynard said in some interviews that the band realized that
what they were attempting to do with that record (and ONLY in their eyes)
basically failed… but “it” DID NOT fail.  What the fuck were they expecting?
What number of people did they hope to convince to “open their fucking
eyes”?  What was it that they were actually trying to accomplish?  The truth
is that the Beatles did not change “the world”… if they did all the
beautiful things of which they spoke would have in thirty or so years in
some large part convinced the majority of said “monkeys” to change their
evil ways… alas the population of earth remain stuck in 1969.  Nevertheless
the Beatles did in a lot of ways change the lives of a few (in comparison to
the few billion people having the chance to hear their records) and wrote in
their hearts the desire to see better days… and gave us the blissful mantra
“all you need is love”.  This is what Tool has attained on the last two
records… their efforts were not wasted.  For gods sake Maynard… you aren’t
the messiah and even if you were look at all the people ignoring one who
ONLY ever spoke of and with LOVE.  And absolutely NO other band has ever or
could ever hope to see the harmony and oneness displayed on those last two
records… which brings us to the present recording that I hold in my hand.
There are some wonderful gems here and “Right in Two” is Tool at their
finest… but what happened?  One and a half years of intensive labor for
this?  And it isn’t the lyrics that are lacking… they are pretty fucking
awesome (with the exception of “Lost Keys” and “Rosetta Stoned”).  I really
loved what Maynard said on “Wings Parts 1&2”… beautiful.  But that song
could have been a little better musically.  When I read the lyrics before
the album came out (which I promised myself I would not do and Maynard would
punch me for) I imagined those two songs starting with the typical low &
slow chants and eventually hearing Maynard at the top of his lungs during “…
shake your fist at the gates saying…”.  I almost wept just reading the words
alone.  Like I said before there are many shining moments on the record but
it is lacking in a lot of areas… or maybe I haven’t given it enough time.
In the end I am probably more to blame for fucking up this whole experience.
I think that the packaging is genius and half the fun of the record; well
worth the wait but wonder how long it will last.  I do love this record
because hell it is Tool were talking about here but I don’t foresee this one
on any sort of heavy rotation after the initial flame has began to burn out.
Right now if I had to I would give “10K Days” 3 ½ stars… but that may
change with time.  Please forgive me Tool for setting the bar too high (not
that you don’t have the ability to clear it) and “taking away” from
something you created.  Sorry to follow comrades in Tool Army for posting
such a shitty review.  Pathetically, (Your Little Bitch) APCNINTOOL

P.S.  (And just so we’re clear the order in which the name reads does not
match preference; it’s TOOL, APC, & NIN… but it sounded cooler in the
aforementioned order.)

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17 years ago

give it more listens…it will be the best yet

17 years ago

Aenima at first didn’t match my expectations after Undertow and Lateralus at first didn’t match my expectations after Aenima. Yet both Aenima and Lateralus kick so much arse and I love them dearly! The same thing happened with 10,000 Days. I was expecting more of a Lateralus type record and got something different. I still loved it but as time has gone by and I’ve listened more and more, my enjoyment and appreciation of 10,000 Days just keeps growing… just take the time and you should come to the same conclusion: as Kabir said, it’s not what you were expecting… Read more »

17 years ago

ur an idiot.. who judges a tool album straight away.. grow up
. tool did what they wanted and are proud of it

aperfectnineinchtool AKA APCNINTOOL
aperfectnineinchtool AKA APCNINTOOL
17 years ago

I tried being honest because goddamnit I fucking love Tool. I fell in love with AEnima on the first listen, I was like holyshit! Could music get any better than this? Then Lateralus came out and I swore Maynard open the book of my life and was advocating for me as queer as that sounds. “Reflection” is the greatest song ever written; after “Imagine”. I really am moved by “Right in Two”, so much so that I feel the need to create… fucking monkeys. And flame all you want but I think on this record there is an understated and… Read more »

17 years ago

It doesn’t matter what we think. You sound sorted^^

Agree with the ‘God’ comment. Remember that April fools day thing? Hmmm…

17 years ago

stop telling people they are idiots for negative reviews. it’s just a cd. he’s allowed to not like it.. Tool plays music. and music is subject to different opinions. it’s art and i know we love them but RELAX, man.

i thought it was a good honest review. maybe you’ll like it upon listening more. but if not, that doesnt make you an IDIOT! lol

Jonas Lindgren
Jonas Lindgren
17 years ago

“feel depressed”. awww. aint that gorgeous. don’t be depressed pumpkin. firstly STOP listening to that neurotic douche trent reznor… i bet you’ll feel less suicidal. 🙂

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