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Tool is my favorite band, and has been for a long time now. I basically loose sleep with anticipation when a new album is about to come out. When I first heard 10,000 Days my first thoughts were…”What the fuck?!”. This isn’t exactly a bad thing. Actually, the fact that I kept spouting out this question during the album made me so excited cause it was so different at times, and so familiar at other times. I knew the mix was going to make me a very happy camper. But how happy? You know, it’s amazing how different your view of an album can be just after three listens. This album hit me so hard on my third time through, and from then and on I was in love. Each song puts you in such a strong mood, and each mood is completely different. Here is my thoughts of each individual song after listening at least 7 times now.

1. Vicarious – This is a great album opener, and a great single. It sounds similar to something off of Lateralus, but then again, I can’t picture this song on Lateralus. I can picture it on 10,000 Days. It’s new, it’s fresh, it’s in your face. Tool is back and better then ever. Danny is really on fire throughout this entire song. Maynards cryptic lyrics are also very cool.

2. Jambi – This is a fantastic track. The intro just messes with your head. Adam is playing an awesome metal riff, Danny complicates things by simply hitting the bass drum and making a weird timing, and then to top it off Maynard sings softly over top the crunchy riff by Adam. It’s very different sounding and I enjoy it a lot. What’s special about this track Is how it builds. It’s almost teasing me. When is this going to break out? What is this leading too? All the sudden I am hit with something I never thought Tool would do; a breakdown. It’s almost tech-metal! The heaviest part probably on the entire album is then followed by a very groovy talk box solo by Adam. From here and on this song just blows me away. It begins one way, changes in the middle, and then totally changes at the end with a rather angry conclusion. Great job by Tool here.
3. Wings For Marie – This is a beautiful introduction. You can tell something special follows it too. It’s just the beginning of a 17 minute emotional rollercoaster that will end up being my favorite song of all time. This weird mood sets in with me. It’s melancholy but at the same time…it’s euphoria I’m experiencing.

4. 10,000 Days (Wings Pt. 2) – This song is the most amazing thing my ears have ever heard. The first time I listened to this song I thought the build was a tad too long. Now It’s just perfect. The thunderstorm, the vocals, the layers of guitar, everything! There is so much going on in this track, it’s just genius. There are parts in this song where I almost want to cry, it’s that deep. Tool have just written the most personal, beautiful, powerful, inspirational song I have ever heard. I could never believe that Lateralus, the song, would ever be replaced. It’s like Tool meets Pink Floyd almost. I really can’t even use words to describe the incredibleness of this track. My hair stands up straight for most of this song.
5. The Pot – This took the longest out of every song to grow on me, and now I really enjoy it. Maynard’s vocals and Justin’s bass really make me want to get up and dance. It sounds like a energized, more mainstream Undertow song. The middle of the track is awesome where Danny’s double bass and Justin’s bass line compliment each other. I can see this as the 2nd single.

6. Lipan Conjuring – I kind of like this filler, to be honest. I haven’t skipped it once. It makes me laugh. It’s Tool trying to do an apache meditation or something, and they are just having fun with it.

7. Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann) – The rich tones of the guitars really suck me in. The riff is sort of sad and almost positive at the same time. I think it sounds cool underneath the dialogue at the end of the track. Good introduction to the next song.

8. Rosetta Stoned – This is by far the weirdest Tool song I have ever heard. Another cool thing about it…it’s also the most prog-metal thing Tool has ever written. This song just kicks my ass. It’s 11 minutes long and is just continuously changing, transition after transition. At first I was totally freaked out by the vocals and lyrics of this song. I have to say that I still am, but I love it. I need to see this song played live. The place would erupt.

9. Intension – I really enjoy this song. The tabla that Danny does is especially good. During the halfway point of the song is where I really fall in love with it. Adam’s melody is very beautiful, and Danny’s electric drums are just too cool. I could put this part on loop for hours and enjoy it.

10. Right In Two – This Is now also one of my favorite Tool songs to date. It’s so deep and rich sounding. The guitars and bass are really catchy sounding. Danny’s tabla in the middle reminds me of Pushit (live) and I just close my eyes and listen to all the things he is hitting there and it blows me away. Then the big bang. This enormous wall of sound hits me and I pump my fists. It’s just so powerful and energetic. The panning guitars, the thundering drum rolls, the deep bass, everything. Maynard’s voice in the chorus at the end is just beautiful too. I also can’t wait to see this song performed live. People are going to be moved.

11. Viginte Tres – This could have been an actual song, but I really don’t mind this filler track. It’s a little scary, but cool.

I am going to go right ahead and give this album a 10/10. 5/5. Perfect. I’ve only listened to It 7 or so times and I know right now this is going to be my favorite Tool album. I can’t wait till it grows on me more too. Tool albums are such a treat to the ears because there will be things you notice that you never heard before even after 100 listens. Tool has once again created an incredible piece of music.

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17 years ago

I’d have to say that the lyrics in Vicarious are hardly cryptic. They are quite bold and straightforward.

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