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Vicarious- Not the best TOOL song ever, but not horrible. Reminds me of A Perfect Circle, especially lyric-wise. A little too radio-friendly but all-in-all not bad.
Jambi- Pretty good song. It gets a little too metal for me at one point, but I like it. The vocals are good, and so are the drums (as always). The talk box thing is okay, a little annoying though- I’m not a big Frampton fan. Still not the best thing ever but good.
Wings For Marie (Part 1)- Great song, I love how it’s nice and chill then gets crazy, then goes right back to chill mode. I like MJK’s voice a lot in this one, how it’s kind of hidden and mysterious but still audible.
10,000 Days (Wings Part 2)- I like the instrumentation, but the vocals are a little weak in spots. All together it’s a pretty good song, still though not the best. Reminds me of Third Eye in spots.
The Pot- Seriously the worst TOOL song ever. It’s too normal and radio-rock for me. The lyrics are pretty crappy too. If this song was done by anyone else it’d be good, but I hold Tool to higher standards. I tend to skip over this track.
Lipan Conjuring- Annoying.

Lost Keys (Blame Hoffman)- See Lipan Conjuring.
Rosetta Stoned- The chanting/talking/whatever at the beginning = annoying. Once that’s over with it’s not that bad. Still not that great though. 
Intension- I love this song. The Radiohead-esque beat is awesome. This song reminds me of Disposition/Reflection/Triad.
Right in Two– This song completely saves the album. One of the best songs ever. The only song on the album that really made me say “wow”
Viginti Tres- Not really a “song” obviously but it’s really fun to listen to in headphones. It makes you feel liek something’s spinning around you. Kind of reminded me of like a roller coaster or a rocketship, something of that sort. Not something you’d listen to all the time but it’s a lot like Ions, cool now and then. I think it shouldn’t of closed the album. It wouldn’ve been better maybe between Jambi and Wings 1.
OVERALL- Overall the album isn’t horrible, but they could’ve done better. Especially after five years. Like I said before though, I hold TOOL to a much higher standard than the average band. As of right now it is my least favorite TOOL album for sure. Oh well hopefully the next one will be better… only 5 more years or so I suppose.
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