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It’s hard to even contemplate where to begin reviewing a new album from TOOL. Damn hard. In fact, I think the only way to properly do the band justice – is to not review the album now, but wait a year when this opus has been (and can be) fully digested. Listening to TOOL is a deep and sometimes cathartic experience. On my first listen of ‘10,000 Days’, I felt like driving my car into a tree. The morose and sombre tones of the music enveloping me – dropped my mood down a notch or two. I wasn’t just listening to music here, I was opening my mind to an experience and hearing a band pouring their souls out to me. Melodies hook and intertwine themselves within complex time signatures and beats. Just when you got that foot tapping in sync, the whole thing shifts up (or down) a cog and takes you someplace completely different. It’s beyond music. It’s beyond art. It is a mystery unravelling and embedding itself deep within your soul. Accept it or excorcise it – but be forewarned, you’ll never ignore it.

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Jonas Lindgren
Jonas Lindgren
17 years ago

now heres a pretty girl.

although i wouldnt want to run into you in a dark alley at night.


17 years ago

Errrm, which girl are you talking about?

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