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Flipmojo Part 2.

Mini-Review Part 2

My first review was posted a couple days after the leak came out over the internet. This one is coming the day after the album has been released to retail stores. I won’t bother to go through each song this time. I still feel pretty much the same way as what I wrote in my first review about the songs. So instead, I will give my thoughts about this album as a whole.

You really do have to go out and buy this album to get the full understanding of what 10,000 Days was meant to be. Downloading the songs off the internet leaves a lot to be missed. There is a difference in sound quality from the download and the actual CD. Although, it is probably not as drastic as some would make you believe. The main difference is the packaging. This CD has to have the coolest packaging I have ever seen. It stands out from every other CD on the shelf when you go into the store to buy it. The stereoscopic glasses are installed right into the front cover. Upon opening the cover, the viewer will discover several pages of stereoscopic images to view through the glasses. I spent a long time scrutinizing each image. Some of them produce a more defined 3-D image than others. But they are all extremely interesting. I particularly liked the picture with Danny in it. Also, the one with Adam has a barely visible skeleton standing behind him that I thought was cool. It adds depth to his room.The Alex Grey artwork is only lightly presented in the album artwork. I was apathetically expecting the artwork to be Lateralus Part 2, so I was refreshed to get only a hint of Alex Grey’s artwork. Don’t get me wrong, I love Alex Grey’s stuff. I just wanted to see something new.

So if you haven’t gone out and purchased this CD yet, do it now!! It will undoubtedly be the coolest CD in your collection. I am truly asking myself if Tool didn’t start something with this packaging. Other CDs will now be considered totally boring when compared to the packaging of 10,000 Days.

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