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I’ve had around 24 hours now to digest 10,000 Days and on my first listen I was slightly dissappointed. Many parts of the record seemed to go against what I’d read in the press over the last few months. I didn’t think the album was as heavy as portrayed, nor was the production as good as I thought it would be. My initial impressions with the songs was there there were too many long slow songs, without many high and lows.

Though I was concerned, these are essentially the same kind of feelings I had after listening to Lateralus and Aenima for the first time. In the back of my mind I knew that this would most likely be a good thing, since both of those albums have gone on to be in what I’d consider my top 10 list.

After that first listen, the track that stood out the most for me was Jambi, it is the heaviest on the album, and really shows the much touted Meshuggah influence. That guitar solo really sends tingles down my spin, and the general mood of the track is great.

I also really got into Lost Keys and Rosetta Stoned. Just the wierdness and the humour behind these tracks really seemed to appeal to me, and Rosetta Stoned kinda reminded me of Third Eye.

After a couple more listens, the album definitely has grown on me, and hopefully I’ll have a better review later once I’ve had more time to fully absorb the experience.  I probably couldn’t have asked for a better Birthday Present than to have 10,000 Days on my iPod…..

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18 years ago

not very in-depth but u say what everyone was thinking

18 years ago

Is this a very democratic way of saying that 10 000 days is NOT as good as Aenima and Laterus and that tool’s creativity has, shall we say…stopped? i listened to Vicarious only and it’s not EVEN CLOSE…..i hope the rest of the album is ALOT better than this (especially if i think about lateralus beginning by plowing over you with “the grudge”)
But anyhow when i go buy it the first day it comes out, all my doubts/hopes will be put to rest…..

18 years ago

The record is phenomenol. If you don’t get it, you just don’t. Kudos to TOOL.

17 years ago

the new tomahawk album is pretty terrible. no song structures just the typical fantomas bungle tripe, surprising really since their first album was more of a band rocking out. mike patton should really consider quality over quantity.

16 years ago

I like to hear new experemental music and there are a lot of artists who are trying new things like Tomahawk and Mike Patton projects. He obviously wants to try everything out. I really like 10,000 days it seems to go deeper into experimental realms and picks up where lateralus left off. the slow and building tracks on this album create an experience of highs and lows for the listener. I get goose bumps listening to Wings especially the second half of part 2. Also, right in two really appealed to me lyrically because it deals with what i was… Read more »

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