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Vicarious – Solid album opener. Nothing mind-blowing here, but it’s nothing I’m against.

Jambi – WOW. I called this the strangest Tool song ever when I first heard it. I was proved wrong many times later by other songs, but this song does not disappoint. The consensus seems to favor this song greatly, and I can see why. This was the first REAL taste of new Tool to me. This song takes time to grow, but you eventually sense its power. Adam Jones also does some awesome playing here.

Wings For Marie – This is a very sad song that leads into an even more powerful song. At this point, the album is really holding you in. You enjoy being strapped in the rollercoaster ride the band has put you on.

10,000 Days – This song introduces new approaches to music that I’ve never heard before. Most people will call this one too slow at first, and then have it grow on them exponentially. It is a very powerful, moving tune. The soundscaping blows my mind on here.

The Pot – BAM. This song is going to put Tool all over radio stations, and dare I say, MTV! This song is very accessible and funky. The bassline in the verse draws you in very nicely. I love everything about this song. Tool needs to put out a nice single type of song once in a while. Adam Jones, my hat goes off to you on this one.

Lipan Conjuring – Blah. Blah. It’s a filler. Har har har. Next.

Lost Keys – The notes repeated over and over again in this prelude to the wildest song ever are very promising. Nothing special, just cool sounding.

Rosetta Stoned – This song is too wild for me to get right away. It’s obnoxious. It almost sounds like Tool are taunting their fans. Oh well. I hope this one grows on me. I wasn’t pleased on the first couple listens.

Intension – This song brings out Danny’s new wild electronic drums. It breaks into a really cool Radiohead-esque groove after some nice bass and guitar work.

Right In Two – This is MY FAVORITE. Justin Chancellor is my hero on this one. The way this song builds into a catchy rocker rules. Danny’s drumming is also amazing here.

Viginti Tres – In short, this is (-)Ions 2.0. Cool filler.

All in all, I think this record is going to turn out to be my favorite, but many people will sadly not understand the beauty of this album. If they have any patience in them, they will love it. Tool, thank you for this brilliant piece of music. 10/10

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17 years ago

some excellent points made but i thought Lipjan Conjuring deserved a little more mention. u have to admit that scream at the end is very well positioned.

17 years ago

I think you’re confused on the musicians, Justin plays bass, Adam’s on guitar.

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