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Slick Nick

I have yet to give a solid final review. I’m Finally after about 10 full
listens ready to give a final review. In my rank all the Tool album threads
i originally put 10,000 Days as my 3rd favorite Tool album after AEnima, and
Lateralus. I decided that i like Undertow and Opiate better then 10,000 Days
also. I still have 10,000 Days above Salival.

The truth is The first 6 tracks of 10,000 Days are arguably the best first
half an album Tool has ever done.

Vicarious: The most mainstream and catchy song on the album. The music is
brilliant, MJKs vocals are perfect, and the lyrics are the best i have heard
on the radio since Schism and I mean every song on Radio.

Jambi: The guitar work and drumming are the best on the album in this track.
It is Hendrix Like as Andy King said. The Vocals and Lyrics are perfect.
It’s on par with The Grudge.

Wings For Marie/10,000 Days: This is the best song on the album. Hands down.
It ranks above the songs Lateralus and Disposition/Reflection/Triad to me.
It is the most personal song MJK has ever written imo.

The Pot: This is a great fun song. It is catchy and it is so easy to sing a
long to. The music is fabolous. As few have mentioned it is the Hooker With
A Penis & Ticks & Leeches of 10,000 Days. All fabolous songs.

Lipan Conjuring: Is a brilliantly place seague.

As i stated arguably the strongest first have of any album TOOL has made.
The next half is arguably the weakest half of any album. I mean i love TOOL
and I think all there albums are classics. I just like as everybody some
songs more then others and some albums more than others.

Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann)/Rosetta Stoned: This is actually not a bad track.
The music is unbelieveable and the lyrics are absolutely nuts. The best
lines have to be “God Damn, Shit The Bed”, “I didn’t graduate from fuckin’
high school”, and “strapped down, my bed, feet cold, eyes red”. It is
fucking balls out rock. It leaves you wondering imo was it all necessary.
Then on second thought i think back to Disgustipated. “This Is Necessary”

Intension: The Music is great. The Lyrics are great. The Vocals are great.
It’s great.

“Then whats the fucking problem Slick?”

The problem is it’s nothing new imo. Yes the music is good. It just sounds
so much like Reflection, and Lateralus. It compares to The Patient if you
want to compare from previous albums. The problem is The Patient kills
Intension. I love the song but compared to other TOOL songs it’s week.

Right In Two: The best song on the 2nd half of this album. Vague lyrics, Imo
MJK is giving up on his “Think for yourself, Question Authority” speal and
that people dont want to hear it or do anything about it. He maybe
questioning why he started it in the first place. He’s calling out people
and how are they this confused. How could they. I’m done. I’m just going to
make fucking rock music. I’m gonna get personal from now on like most
Lyracists and this is his final call before he makes that move for good.

Viginti Tres: It’s this albums Faaip de Oiad. It’s no better or worse. An
Album0 closer in every since of the word.

I’m biased and the album is a 5 Star Classic. I just prefer AEnima,
Lateralus, Undertow, and Opiate to it.

Buy The Album, I will be at Meijers at Midnight here in Jackson picking it
up. You should to. If you love the band you will buy the album.

Do we want more material in the future. Fuck yes. So then by the album.

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17 years ago

I haven’t listend to 10,000 Days yet. I’m one of those fools that’s waiting it out to get the “full experience” which probably doesn’t exist any better than just pirating it, but wat ev. Anyways, I find most Tool albums to have a weak second half. Don’t get me wrong, I love Tool with a freaikin passion, but I just want to be honest bout it. I appreciate the artistry of the music in the last half of Lateralus (The album) but it gets a bit boring. I find that the most clomplete album was Ænima, but even then I… Read more »

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