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The immediacy of it: soothing, frightening, corny, repulsive, heavy, soft.
There are too many adjectives that I could spew.

A lot has been said about 10,000 Days. Therefore, let me stress this point:
this album is amazingly fluid. If you haven’t sat down, closed your eyes,
and listened to the complete album in one sitting, you must. Let me repeat:
close your eyes. There is a story being told ‹ depending on your
point-of-view ‹ and it sent my emotions to the extremes until the very end.
It’s a brutal see-saw, and after one listen I am relishing the chance to
listen more, and discover more.

The brilliance of 10,000 Days is in its pairings. You know what I mean.
Perhaps the only exception is Lipan Conjuring + Lost Keys + Rosetta Stoned,
which I consider a triad. Clusters of emotion, crashing into you like ocean

And, best of all: Goddamn, shit the bed.

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