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Salival was a limited edition box set released by Tool in 2000. It came in both VHS and DVD formats, and contained all of their current live videos, as well as some live and unreleased tracks.

It is now out of print, and somewhat difficult to obtain, though limited quantites of it do seem to appear in Toolband from time to time. Sometimes they are signed by the band.

Salival cover art


  1. Third Eye (Live)
  2. Part of Me (Live)
  3. Pushit (Live)
  4. Message to Harry Manback II (Unreleased track)
  5. You Lied (Live Peach cover)
  6. Merkaba (Live)
  7. No Quarter (Unreleased Led Zeppelin cover)
  8. L.A.M.C (Unreleased track)
  9. Maynard’s Dick (hidden track following L.A.M.C.

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